Queen’s Corgis In Palace Walk-Out Storm

It’s another warm welcome from The Ministry Of Sensational Headlines, and have WE got a story for YOU!


Britain was left reeling today after Buckingham Palace announced that two of Her Majesty The Queen’s Corgis walked out in a dispute over pay and conditions.  As the news filtered out it sent tremors through tea rooms all over the country (“I was so shocked I ordered an extra scone” – Binky Bartholomew-Smythe, East Grinstead). As Britain came to terms with this shocking news, messages of support poured in from all over the world (well, sort of)

The thoughts of the American people are with you” – President Barack Obama

“Bring back the birch, hanging AND national service” – David Cameron

I always knew them Corgis were trouble” – Ken Barlow

They bite the hand that feeds them” – Bart Simpson

Inner tubes are on 2 for 1 all over the festive season” – Bob of Bob’s Bicycles, Kidlington

When asked if it was simply barking mad for the Corgis to stage a walk-out (especially at this time of year) Ruf Growlington, militant leader of the National Union Of Corgis (NUC) said, in a Geordie accent, and I quote, “woof, woof, woof, bark, growl, woof”.

In other news, this reporter caught up with eccentric author, Richard F Holmes at his bunker in Tetbury to see how he is coping with the prospect of the world ending in less than three days time.  Richard seemed in a very pensive mood as he crawled out from underneath a huge pile of empty baked bean cans, and I waited with bated breath for his words of wisdom.  Then, after what seemed like an age, he looked me in the eyes, and with sage-like eloquence said “don’t be so *#*#??!#* stupid”!

Ruf Growlington, militant leader of the NUC.

Ruf Growlington, militant leader of the NUC.




14 thoughts on “Queen’s Corgis In Palace Walk-Out Storm

    • It’s a Brit thing Melanie. Back in the 1990’s there was a sketch show on TV called “The Fast Show”. One of the characters was “Jessie” and he would emerge from an old shed looking like a tramp to deliver “Jessie’s Fashion Tips”, He would come stumbling out of the shed and say something ridiculous like “this week I am mostly wearing flip-flops” and then disappear back in the shed.


      • Thanks Richard. I’ve seen a lot of British TV shows but never The Fast Show. Would I be correct in assuming it’s a bit Monty Python-esque?

        I just hope after all those tins of baked beans you ate, you’ve got a good loo in your bunker… 🙂


      • Hi Melanie, I wouldn’t say it was Monty Python-esque but it was certainly the most cutting edge comedy show of it’s time. and yes, I factored in a contingency plan for “unspeakables”



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