4 thoughts on “There Is Only Life

  1. Sairam Richard. Excellent and straight forward simple logic to state the fact. Other side of the coin is There is no Life, because whatever we experience is an illusion, a drama / play and all of us playing a part assigned to us – drama / play / cinema are not real (every one knows that) so is our identity (with the body in which the imperishable soul dwells temporarily). Best wishes and Love.


    • Sai Ram my brother; I hope you and your family are well!! Yes you are so right, and that is the beauty of spirituality, nothing is set in stone and there are always other angles to look at. In the video the context I was referring to was that there is only life because there is only God, nothing else exists. So we have said the same thing, but to someone who does not understand, we have appeared to have contradicted each other!! 🙂


  2. Namaste Richard… 🙂
    Thankyou for interesting subject matter to chew upon. My take is that we (sentient beings) are simply a both noun and verb at the same time (Life and Live) working with Richard Miller and Kashmir Shaivism has cleared the fog for me., sort of. Witnessing these fingers on the keyboard and these words forming on the page. It is such fun to be here and at times not so much fun. Discipline in being vigilant, after 27 years of “practicing meditation” and Advaita Vedanta, was the realisation…. And not to take (anything seriously)…. just giving and feeling compassion for All.
    In Peace


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