Universal Law – An Idiot’s Guide

Universal Law – An Idiot’s Guide

The author does not claim that this book is a definitive guide to Universal Law; but it is a guide nonetheless. In all aspects of life there are many roads that lead to the same destination and Universal Law is no different. An Idiot’s Guide will give you an understanding of how creation works, thus enabling you to negotiate the hurdles of day-to-day life. It seeks to answer in a very simple and easy-to-understand way those nagging questions that we ask ourselves when disaster strikes; such as, “why me”? The book works on the principle that the universe functions in accordance with a very precise set of rules and that life is a game that should be played.

It stands to reason that if you do not know the rules of the game it can create difficulties. However, if you do know the rules, you can play the game of life on your own terms and learn to create a richness of abundance where there was once only lack.