All of my CDs are now discontinued. All that remains are two copies of Native American Wisdom, which can only be purchased directly from me. Anyone interested in buying a copy should contact me via the contact form below. They are £10.00 GBP plus £2.50 postage and packing for the UK. For international purchases, please enquire via the same contact form below. Thank you.

Native American Wisdom

This CD is ideal for both beginners and those who are more advanced along the meditation road.

The Native American culture is universally recognized as having great synergy with Mother Earth and nature in general. The meditations use the concept of Native American philosophy as a tool to enable the listener to connect with their own inner voice and tap into their personal eternal ocean of knowledge. The meditations also have a healing theme that will leave you unburdened and refreshed.

Simply relax, listen to my voice and allow the sounds of the drums and flute to take you on a journey to the very depths of your soul.

I am very excited about this new, remastered edition of Native American Wisdom and I hope you enjoy listening to, and working with it, as much as I enjoyed making it