Why Psychic And Clairvoyant Powers Can Be A Barrier To Spiritual Development


10497_487005687979215_193773654_nContrary to popular opinion, having psychic or mediumistic abilities is no indicator of spiritual advancement; in fact, it can actually be a hindrance to spiritual development. What many do not realise is that psychic and clairvoyant experiences take place at a level which is well below the plane of Self-realisation; therefore at best they can be nothing more than an illusion; just another game in the play of life. Most people who know me will be aware that I have worked as a platform medium for many years, and so may find that statement very difficult to comprehend; a medium saying that mediumship is nothing more than an illusion! What next? I’ve been aware of this truth for several years now and I realise that all I’m doing is going through the motions for the sake of appeasing the logical minds of those who wrongly believe they have “lost” loved ones. I suppose I’d better explain my thinking…

Firstly, I’m going to use an analogy my good friend, Michael Walters, coined a few years back. Michael says that life is like an onion; consisting of many layers. As we evolve, every now and then, one of those layers peels away and reveals a truth that was always there, it’s just that we couldn’t see it. As truth reveals itself, old, stale mindsets and beliefs simply dissolve away. They dissolve away because they are illusory and not true. They never were true; we simply made them our reality because we believed it to be so. With this in mind it’s fair to say that the onion, which is my life, has been peeling away layers in the last few years at an unbelievable speed.

So, what is clairvoyance? It is a series of temporary experiences that occur in the mind. This tells us that in order to experience clairvoyance we have to engage the mind. The mind is the ego, which falsely identifies with the body therefore what we experience is an illusion; it is transient and not true. If you have a clairvoyant experience there must be an object (your clairvoyant vision). If there is an object, there must also be a subject (the one having the vision). This is separateness (duality), which is an illusion. In infinite consciousness the object and the subject are one and the same; in ultimate truth nothing exists except infinite consciousness, which is One.

We also need to understand that in order to have a clairvoyant experience, the experiencer must be in communication with the astral planes. The astral planes are a vast, kind of extension, to the physical plane and are subject to the same natural laws. This means that the astral planes are subject to relativity, which in turn means that your experience of clairvoyance may be negative as well as positive. Similar conditions apply with regard to mediumship. You have a messenger, the one receiving the message and the message itself; this is another example of duality; in infinite consciousness the messenger, the receiver and the message are one and the same; there is no separateness.

As for psychic powers, they simply relate to the karmic pathway and like clairvoyance and mediumship, they will only exist when the mind falsely identifies with the body. Of course, it is true to say that if you are reading this and you have experienced any kind of psychic phenomenon, it is an indicator that you are starting to wake up to the reality of who you really are. Problems occur however, when people start to have these experiences and wrongly believe that they are the be-all-and-end-all. They develop attachments to the experiences and want them continuously, oblivious to the fact that such experiences are only ever going to be a stepping stone to Self-realisation. When we develop such attachments, and remain in the psychic and clairvoyant planes, it forms a barrier and keeps us in ignorance of our true nature.

Is it not a no-brainer? Why would you want to settle for a lettuce leaf when you can have a whole salad?


Spirituality vs Religion


Whilst it is perfectly feasible that a religious person is able to display certain spiritual characteristics, and would also undertake some kind of spiritual practice, one who is spiritually awake has no need for a fear-based belief system. Hence, for the one who has awakened, no religion is necessary.

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God + Ego = Man

616828_3084981623035_2102591458_oI think it is true to say that only the most un-spiritually minded people would not agree that jealousy, vengeance, anger and judgementalism are some of the worst traits that can be attributed to human beings, and they only exist when the ego is present. I think it is also true to say that only the most un-spiritually minded people would not agree that God transcends the ego. So, having said this, the question on my lips is, “why does the God of organised religion possess all of these most unsavoury traits”? The answer is because the God of organised religion simply doesn’t exist.

The concept of an angry, jealous and vengeful God, who will also pass judgement on us when we leave this earthly life; and either allow us into heaven or cast us into hell, is simply one of many fear-based methods used by the church to control the masses. Blasphemy is also another ridiculous concept pedalled by the church. One can only be offended when the ego is present, and as already stated, God is beyond human ego and cannot be offended. In truth, to seek to offend another, whether Godly or human will ultimately only harm the one seeking to offend. Even the name “God”, was created by humans for the sole purpose of communicating with an all-powerful but imaginary being, separate from the rest of the human race. The Creative Force, however, exists as the One eternal Self, in a state of pure bliss (Love) as infinite awareness.

Operation Caravan (Slight Return)

616828_3084981623035_2102591458_oI recently returned from my annual trip to West Wales and I’m going to share with you an experience I had during the small hours of 31 May 2016; it was almost a feeling of deja-vu. Some of you may remember my post, Operation Caravan, from 2013, where I told how I’d been operated on by celestial beings whilst staying in my friend’s caravan for a night. Well, this time I slept in the caravan during the whole of my 11 night stay. I did wonder whether I would have another experience to write about and I wasn’t disappointed.

As usual it started with a dream; I have no recollection now of what this dream was about. Then I found myself awake with the all-too-familiar feeling of being surrounded by the presence of spirit. As it seems to be a rare occurrence these days, I asked for an out-of-body experience, and then found myself being carried off. Unusually, I was being carried from the front. I kept my eyes closed as I did not want to disrupt the flow and end up back in my body too soon; I also patted the hand of my companion as a gesture of gratitude. I felt that we were slowing down so I opened my eyes to find that we had arrived at some sort of train or bus station. We entered a small carriage and my companion, a young man, sat down; there was no seat for me!

In front of me there were some rather small and strange looking souls. One of them shuffled to one side in order to let me sit down. But as they did so another one put an arm or leg on the seat so I couldn’t. The same soul looked at me and said telepathically, “he’s ok, he’s as pretty as a picture”. I then levitated and did an impression of a framed picture hanging on a wall. Everyone thought this was highly amusing and had a good laugh. At this point the carriage stopped, my companion had disappeared and I was on my own. There was a complete change of scenery and I found myself in a kind of shopping precinct, moving forward, with just one larger than normal man coming towards me. Before our paths actually crossed there was a right turn that led into what looked like some sort of shopping arcade. To the left of the entrance there was a kind of office-come-show-room, and an incredibly beautiful women; dressed in a very business-like way, exited the door and was walking towards me. I headed in her direction, eager to make contact, but typically, just as things were about to get interesting, I found myself back in my body.

I still really enjoy these experiences; although I understand now that they are only a figment of my astral imagination and I have somehow created them in the same way that I create my physical life. I’ve also developed a theory as to why they never seem to last that long…

Astral energy flows a lot quicker than physical energy because of the higher rate of vibration on the astral planes, therefore scenes from an astral “play” will seem to pass much more quickly. I’m not saying that it’s set in stone but it’s my theory anyway, and I think it makes sense.

Anyone who has not read the previous post, Operation Caravan, may click on this link http://wp.me/p1qAeL-PN


Reincarnation Simplified

616828_3084981623035_2102591458_oIt’s a subject that is quite often pondered; reincarnation; do we or don’t we? There are a number of arguments for and against, but for me, the simplest way to explain this conundrum is as follows. The Self is all there is. It exists in an eternal state of bliss as infinite consciousness. The entire creation, and all the drama that goes with it, is simply consciousness projecting itself while at the same time imposing temporary limitations on itself. The Self is ever-present and changeless and has neither birth nor death. So we should ask the question:

Who is it that reincarnates?

The answer is that it is only the ego that reincarnates.

It’s Been A Long Time…

13055835_10209349269508071_6546526421904411578_oIt seems like an absolute age since I communicated with you; probably because it is! You may also have noticed that I’ve deleted several of this blog’s pages and I’m not displaying my books and CDs anymore. Well, I’m going through a bit of a transition at the moment; sort of reinventing myself, although there doesn’t seem to have been much reinventing taking place. I’ve unpublished all my books and CDs because they somehow don’t seem to be who I am anymore. For sure, there will be more writing in the future, but only when the new me emerges from the obscuring clouds and I have something fresh to write about. It was important for me to communicate with you today because I really appreciate the following and don’t like to have huge gaps between posts. I suppose I should also give you a little bit of an update.

I’ve still got the fatigue (must be over five years now) that hampers me; but I manage it to the best of my ability and just have to pace myself. I’m still working at the hospice, which helps to keep me grounded, and since my last post I’ve had my 61st birthday (on April 22). The photo is the latest of me and was taken just a few days before. So, now all that is out of the way, here is a teaser for you…

Question: Do the following exist?

Angels, Krishna, trance mediumship, cheese sandwiches, spirit guides, Jesus Christ, physical mediumship, Buddha, life after death, clairvoyance, the spirit world, reincarnation, fish and chips, the afterlife, aliens and…my socks.

Answer: Yes; but only when the ego falsely identifies with the body.

Don’t Be A Victim

Recently, I did a training course at work; the theme of which was, “Safeguarding”. We were told that there are seven types of what is considered to be “abuse”. As the facilitator went through the various types I realised that I’d experienced four of them first-hand. It read like a kind of check-list!

375811_4123703570261_303439096_nAs a child I’d experienced psychological abuse over an extended period of time, but the perpetrator would not have realised that he was abusing me. Then as an eight year old I was sexually abused; thankfully, it was just a one-off. Then as an adult in my thirties I experienced domestic violence. Even though there was only two instances, they were accompanied by regular periods of psychological abuse. Finally, in this world of political correctness, we are told that there is a form of abuse called “organisational”; this is where the “victim” is abused by the organisation they work for. I almost felt quite proud that I could also add organisational abuse to my “abuse CV”; I experienced this in my forties.

You may or may not have noticed that I am saying that I “experienced” these forms of abuse, as opposed to I was a “victim” of them, and there is a reason for this. Even though I would not want to experience those situations again, and even though I would not wish them on anybody else, I would not swap one second of the experience for anything. Those experiences are part of who I am and make me the person I am today. They have helped to sculpt my character and have given me the tools to be able to help other people. When I experienced organisational abuse, for example, it took me to a new low in my life; a place of darkness that would not be high up on my list of favourite holiday destinations. However, once I was pushed over the edge I found strength I didn’t know I had, and in the long-term, that experience turned out to be the best thing that ever happened to me. It turned out to be the springboard for the most amazing transformation in my life and I’ve never looked back.

When we experience bad things in our lives the rawness is bound to make us feel a lot of negative emotions, such as anger, resentment, hatred and fear to name but a few, and these feelings will more often than not cause us to have a very low self-esteem and to feel very weak and vulnerable. So, under the circumstances it is quite normal to feel like a victim. But being a victim will have a very negative long-term effect; I have first-hand experience of this. Eventually the dust starts to settle, and in my case I was guided down a certain pathway that taught me there was only person who could change my life; and that was me. Once I realised I was the only one in control of my life I was able to go about changing things.

Remember, the world is a paradox, and out of the darkness there will always be the most amazing light. Who we really are is stronger than anything life can throw at us. If you are suffering now, don’t make the same mistakes that I made that prolonged my misery. Don’t be a victim, instead be someone who had/is having experiences that will enable you to turn adversity into advantage, and in doing so make yourself shine in greater glory than you already do. God bless!


The Unreal Reality

Reality, as such, doesn’t exist. What we perceive as reality is simply our interpretation of vibration. A flower, for example, exists as vibration within infinite consciousness, not as a flower. We see the flower because that is our mind’s interpretation of that particular vibration. The reason that, by and large, we all see the same thing is because we are all precipitations of energy within the same field of infinite awareness.



And Another Thing…

imagesWith regard to science… People who are spiritual sceptics and atheists quite often cite “science” and “scientific proof” in their arguments against religions and spirituality. However, the only conclusive thing about science is that it is inconclusive. People well versed in matters of a scientific nature will know that everything in the universe and beyond, without exception, is comprised of energy. They will also be aware that energy is in a constant state of flux. So, what may constitute a scientific fact today, may well be completely inaccurate in the future. The truth is that science and spirituality go hand in hand; they are two sides of the same coin and cannot be separated. Science does not exist within infinite consciousness, but when consciousness manifests itself as the universe, it has to function in accordance with a set of scientific laws; hence we have the laws of physics etc. Science only exists when the infinite mind limits itself by manifesting as form in the world. However, without science the individual soul would not be able to experience life in the physical; the laws of science are the mechanism by which the physical world functions.

391526_505862112801718_976558905_nWith regard to being sceptical about complementary therapies… As with the above paragraph, people who are sceptical about so-called complementary, alternative and natural therapies usually cite medical science and lack of substantive proof of effectiveness as the reasons for their scepticism. What they overlook is that before governments realised that they could make billions of pounds by selling tablets to sick people (tablets that, incidentally, quite often have horrendous side-effects), there wasn’t any other means of treating the sick and infirm. Reiki, for example, is thousands of years old and is a very effective therapy in the treatment of pain and stress. There are also many, many cases of Reiki effectively healing physical conditions. My question for the sceptics is this: “Can you show me a human being who is 20 billion years old, and still walking around in a physical body”? The answer, surely, is “No”! So, does this mean that conventional medicine is a load of rubbish? Surely, if conventional medicine is the be-all-and-end-all, we are all going to live in these bodies forever? Thankfully, that is not the case, but the truth is that medical science is advancing and healthcare professionals do a fantastic job. Conventional medicine is very important, but so are the natural therapies and the two should quite comfortably sit side by side each other in a world without prejudice.