The Three Day Week

Don’t ever let anyone tell you that there are seven days in a week; there are, in fact, only three, and of those three only one has any significance.

First lets look at the two pointless days in our three-day week.  There is “yesterday”; which is in the past and cannot in any way be returned to us (not even for all the chocolate in my local shop).  Anyway, when yesterday was here it wasn’t yesterday, it was “TODAY” (can you guess where this little article is going yet?).   Then we have “tomorrow” which will be today when it arrives (guessed yet?).  At the moment “tomorrow” consists of nothing more than a series of jumbled thoughts whizzing around in your mind; indeed, as sure as Tottenham Hotspur have no chance of winning the Premier League some peeps out there will have convinced themselves that tomorrow will bring the end of the world and will be sick with worry right now.

In truth, the only day that really matters is TODAY, because it’s all we have and it represents an opportunity to make a difference.  What will you do with your today, today?

The past is gone and the future is uncertain

When tomorrow comes it is today

Therefore the time is NOW

See good, be good, do good…… Now!

Sri Sathya Sai Baba

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