Thought For The Day #2

Paramahansa Yogananda explains to us how having steadfast faith in God sustains us throughout our lives.  Extract from The Self-Realization Fellowship book, Living Fearlessly

In San Fransisco (in 1925), I had only $200 in the bank and was about to begin a lecture campaign.  I had not enough money even to make a start; and many large bills had to be paid.  I said “God is with me.  He has given me this trouble and He will look after me.  I am doing His work; I know he will help me.”  If the whole world forsakes you, but you know that He is with you, His law will work its wonders for you.

When my secretary came to me and I told him how much money we had in the bank, he literally colapsed on the floor.  I said “get up.”  He was shaking: “We are going to jail for not paying our bills!”  I said “we are not going to jail.  In seven days we will have all the money we need for the campaign.”

He was a doubting Thomas, but I had faith.  I was not in need of money for any gain of my own, but to spread God’s work.  I had no fear, even for the enormity of my troubles.  Fear is afraid of me.  What is there to fear?  Nothing should give you fear.  Face all troubles with faith in God and you will conquer.

Bhagavad Gita says: “With heart absorbed in Me, and by My grace, thou shalt overcome all impediments.  And think of it!  I was walking in front of the Palace Hotel when an elderly woman came up to me and said, “Can I talk with you?”  We exchanged a few words then out of the blue she said, “I have money to burn, Can I help you?”

I replied, “I don’t need your money.  Why should you offer money to me when you don’t know me?”  She answered, “But I do know you; I have heard so much about you.”  And right there she wrote out a cheque for $27,000.  I saw in that the hand of God.

I live by faith in God.  My power is God.  I do not believe in any other power.  As I concentrate on that Power, it works through me.  That power of God is working with you also.  You will see it is so if you have faith and know that prosperity comes not from material sources but from God.

2 thoughts on “Thought For The Day #2

  1. I think we often forget that God will step in and show us how to reach our desired outcome. Your post is a perfect reminder to let him take the wheel in our times of worry. He gladly gives us the wheel most of the time in our lives to see if we are capable of getting to our desired destination ourselves. However, he is always there to take over, we just have to ask and believe that he will. Thanks for the post!


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