Britain’s Got Rabies

woolwichI don’t normally write posts such as this; and indeed I have been putting it off for nearly two weeks for a couple of reasons. Firstly, it means entering into the murky world of politics, and secondly, I’m not 100% certain that I can write this article from the standpoint of an observer as opposed to one who is passing judgement. But, I feel that it is the right thing to do so here goes.

At the time of writing it is now two weeks to the day since a young soldier was hacked to death in broad daylight in close proximity to the army barracks in Woolwich, South East London; the same barracks where I did my basic training as a Royal Artillery soldier in 1976/77. This appalling atrocity was perpetrated by two fanatical extremists who had been apparently radicalized by what the British press likes to refer to as “preachers of hate”. I will not refer to anybody involved in such a despicable act as a Muslim because it is an insult to Muslims the world over to be compared with such people. However, the two perpetrators claimed to have carried out this act in the name of Islam. The unfortunate thing in these situations is that it gives vile organisations such as The English Defence League (EDL) and Muslim haters in general a reason to crawl out of their cesspits and spew their own brand of bile. The last time I looked there had been over 160 reported reprisal attacks on Muslims and mosques; this includes at least two attempts at burning mosques down.

The likes of the EDL do not have any place in society. The motives for their actions are so blatantly racial and their members appear not to share but one brain cell between them. Correct me if I’m wrong, but when the IRA carried out a sustained campaign of terror over several decades, during which hundreds of people were killed and maimed, nobody went around torching Catholic churches did they? After all, the IRA were apparently representing the Catholic community of Northern Ireland, and when they started blowing up mainland Britain, surely that would have given justification to the torching of the odd Catholic church here and there. Wouldn’t it?

woolwich 2I am actually writing this article as someone who is quite disturbed. Disturbed by the fact that in 2013 a young man can be hacked to death on the streets of the country in which I live, after the perpetrators first of all mounted the pavement in their car and ran him down. Disturbed by the fact that in 2013, organisations such as the EDL are able to operate quite legally in the country in which I live. Within hours of the incident the EDL were on the streets of Woolwich stirring up their own brand of hate.

From a spiritual perspective these incidents always remind me of the Law Of Reflection, or “As Within, So Without”. It gives us a chance to see first hand exactly what is still going on within the collective heart of mankind. Heaven help us!

4 thoughts on “Britain’s Got Rabies

  1. I too have a strong military connection and am in a position to make an informed comment.
    I know Woolwich Barracks well, in fact I am well acquainted with British military establishments worldwide . I am sickened by the attack on this man, in fact any man for whatever reason who has been put to death in such a brutal manner on British soil. This is precisely what my father and grandfather fought in two world wars to prevent.

    But please Richard, in all fairness, do not blame only the EDL. They are the reaction and just that. Do not take your eye off the ball. Every serving sailor, soldier airman and devout Muslim knows the enemy is Al Queda/Taliban Please do not muddy the waters by condemning the reaction, horrid though it is, without in the same breath uttering condemnation of the cause.


    • As ever, thanks for your comment Meri, and I take your point. I could have written a much longer post and gone into more detail, but as I said above, I was not sure that it was a good idea to write on this subject because invariably it gets political, and of course, everyone has an opinion. I also do not want my blog to ever be about political issues per say. I only mentioned the EDL because they were on the scene in no time stirring up trouble, and as history has shown us with Hitler for example, it starts with race and then goes on to other criteria. Once the Muslims are taken care of it will be people with ginger hair etc. I actually didn’t set out to put blame on any group and I’m sorry it seemed like that to you. That’s the problem with trying to cram as many bullet points as possible into a short article. The actual cause has been around long before Al Queda came on the scene; indeed we probably need to go back thousands of years to get anywhere near it. I said I was disturbed by these events, and I am, but also because I know it will never end until mankind learns the lessons from events like this. Thanks again for your comment.


  2. The exam question is, is it right or is it wrong to commit murder in the name of your God. We would say no, yet every religion has done so since pre roman times. None of us is innocent if we fail in tolerance towards others holding different beliefs ; ultimately we are collectively complicit in the murder through small personal failings which added together resulted in this crisis. None of us can appreciate the full result of our actions in the physical incarnation but will see very clearly just how we contributed when we rejoin the Spirit world. Until then I intend to be very careful to respect others of different persuasions and show them generosity and love. This never means violent acts are left uncondemned. It means understanding what led up to them.

    This is a very interesting subject, Richard. I see you will be at Jenny’s Sanctuary on Saturday. Maybe we can chat more then.


    • This is my view as well. There are many areas of our lives where we act in accordance with the collective consciousness. Only our own conscience can tell us what is right and what is wrong. Yes I am at the Sanctuary this Saturday Meri.


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