The Amazing Journey Book Launch – Competition

TAJ-Final Version-EBTo coincide with the launch of The Amazing Journey in paperback on Wednesday July 3, I am giving my readers the chance to win a copy of Angelic Wisdom Trilogy for their eReader. I am giving away THREE copies of the newly revamped eBook for Kindle and most, if not all, other eReader devices. Anyone who does not have a Kindle, Nook or other suitable eReader device can download the free Kindle eBook viewer to their laptop, desktop computer or mobile phone. All you have to do is answer the following question via the contact form below.

What was the original title of The Amazing Journey?

Leave your name and email address and I will put all entries into a hat and pull out three at random. The winners will be notified by email the day after the launch, and your eBook will also be emailed to you once the revamping is complete. Thanks for supporting my work!

Download your free Kindle app 


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