Coming Very Soon – Wisdom Bytes

Well, I thought I was all “authored out” and had put my plans for another new book on hold until next year. My latest work was actually written, however, the segments needed to be put into chapters and the general layout and formatting of the text needed doing; not forgetting that I also needed to work on a cover. I thought I’d had enough for a while but just under a week ago I felt the tiniest spark of oomph within me;any writers who may be reading this will know exactly what I mean by feeling that oomph within! The result of that feeling is that I now have the completed files plus a cover submitted for review. I’m expecting to be able to go ahead and publish within the next 24 hours, then next week I can format an eVersion for kindle. My latest offering is called Wisdom Bytes and the cover and synopsis are awaiting your perusal below!

Wisdom Bytes is the second book in the Fragments Of Divinity series, and like all my other books, is for anyone and everyone from age very young to very old who is searching for a deeper spiritual understanding. The book itself is written in the style of a blog; the idea to create it in this way came from the works of Paramahansa Yogananda.

Yogananda was the first Indian yogi to take up residence in the West and he was the founder of The Self Realisation Fellowship in the US. He departed this Earth in 1952, but left an amazing legacy of profound spiritual insights totalling over 1,700 pages. In order to keep their guru’s work alive the fellowship released it in a series of smaller volumes. Having purchased a number of these truncated works myself I noted how helpful it was to have potentially very complicated texts condensed down into small volumes. One such book is only 28 pages long and can fit neatly into a breast pocket.

So, having read a number of these smaller volumes I came up with the idea for the Fragments Of Divinity series. In keeping with my previous work I have written it in a very reader friendly and easy-to-understand way; some of the first spiritual books I read when I was first discovering my own spiritual pathway were written in such a way that when I got to the end I still didn’t have a clue. As I tend to write about my own actual experiences my books are self-researching, which is a bonus, because it tends to reduce the writing time as well

Anyone who is searching for a deeper meaning to life or who is looking for answers to those seemingly unanswerable questions that tend to nag away at us will find Wisdom Bytes a very interesting and thought-provoking read.

Wisdom Bytes Cover


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