Why The Quality Of Our Food Is So Important

green-foods1Food, like everything else in our universe, is three-dimensional. We have the seed from which it takes form, we have the form itself and we have the subtle energy of Divine Spirit that flows through it. But how many of us have ever pondered what happens to our food once it is consumed? The ancient spiritual texts of the East, and the sages that introduced them to the world, told us thousands of years ago of the importance of what we put into our bodies.

The physical body may itself be nothing more than an aspect of the illusion of duality. However, if we have created for ourselves a temporary reality that requires that we dwell within this illusionary form for a period of imaginary time, then we ourselves are responsible for its maintenance; the body being “The House of God”.

The ancient Vedic texts informed us that our food maintains its three-dimensional status once consumed. Its gross form consisting of waste products, its middle form merging with the body as flesh and blood and its subtle form consisting of the mind. What this tells us is that we most certainly are what we eat with regard to our physical and mental self. Therefore it stands to reason that if we are not mindful of the food we consume we are very much inviting trouble into our lives. We think it’s fine to consume the meat from animals that have been reared in appalling conditions, fed on artificial diets, pumped with steroids and then slaughtered in terror; oblivious to the fact that the terror of these animals has its own energy that remains within the meat. We think it’s fine to consume processed food products that have been laced with chemical additives, and then we wonder why our kids are going crazy and sickness is rife.

This article is not a platform for vegetarian moral high ground, but more of a simple reminder that we owe it to ourselves and all our fellow creatures to be more sensible about what we consume as food.

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