The Journey Continues – Part Two

Here is the account of my out-of-body experience that occurred about a week after the one I wrote about in Part One of “The Journey Continues”. Just in case you did not read my previous post, here is the link; so you can read it before carrying on with this article.

544965_242122179232987_1867947155_nAs usual I awoke in the middle of the night and lay in bed, fully aware but with my eyes closed. I wondered what would happen if I actually requested an out-of-body experience. I’d often pestered my friends in spirit when it seemed I was having to wait ages for my next astral adventure, but I had never actually asked for one whilst laying in bed. To my utmost joy, it was not long before I felt the familiar presence of spirit around me, and before I could blink, I found myself being lifted from my body and carried off into the ether. What followed was a fairly short astral experience, but a very significant one nonetheless. Although I did not actually see who my companion was on this occasion, the energy, plus my intuition, led me to believe that it was the same female soul from the previous week. However, I have no way of knowing if it actually was.

As we travelled at speed, I asked telepathically to be taken somewhere exciting. I also touched my companion’s hand and tried to kiss it, but when my lips met the hand they just passed straight through. I learned something from this, specifically; even though I have known for some time that all energy (spirit) is solid in its own realm of existence, individual intelligences have the ability to be fluid or solid at will. This is one of the many, many things that have been taught to me since my adventures began back in 1999.

In a short space of time we arrived at a very small cinema; there was a few people milling around and a few people seated. It was rather strange as far as cinemas go, because the screen was the portable type that people used to play their home movies on. This truly was something new for me, being taken to an astral cinema. But in no time at all we were off and I was back in my bed but not in my body. What happened next was also a first, and quite incredible experience.

My companion lay with me for a while before departing. She lay behind me and continued to hold me as she lay with me. I still could not see who it was, but this wonderful soul felt very soft, and even though I can only describe the whole experience as very loving, it was not sexual in any way. It was simply the coming together of two souls who have obviously known each other for eons.

I don’t know what film was showing and there was no popcorn; but hey! I’m not complaining!

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