At Last! An Out-Of-Body Experience Worth Writing About!

560366_293735080712446_100002278692760_671528_1462726406_nSince May 2014 I’d only had three out-of-body experiences; none of which were worth blogging about. They were a combination of brief and unspectacular. It’s amazing really that I should look upon three out-of-body experiences in a 15 month period as being so mundane. Most people, I’m sure, go an entire lifetime without experiencing any. But, I’d become so used to having astral adventures of quite a spectacular kind on a fairly regular basis, that anything else seemed quite boring. Then it happened!

On the morning of Saturday 29 August 2015 I was laying in bed asleep and having a dream. The next thing I knew was that I felt the all-too-familiar sensation of the presence of spirit around me; I was awake and being carried away at speed. What happened next was probably one of the shortest astral adventures of the countless I’ve had over the years. However, it is right up there vying for top spot when it comes to the spectacular. It really was short and sweet; and I feel I was lulled into a false sense of expectation as I waited for a truly incredible adventure to unfold. Nonetheless, what I did experience was indeed nothing short of truly incredible.

In what seemed like no time at all I was placed in what I can only describe as the most incredibly amazing natural scene I have ever witnessed. I didn’t even touch down before I was back in my body, but I was there long enough to gaze upon the most wonderful sky. It was dusky; like that magical time just before dawn breaks or darkness falls. It was red and mottled; like a mystical, cosmic blanket above me. It’s difficult to describe accurately what else I saw, but I will do my best. Up above, and in front of me, were three planets in close proximity to each other; all magnificent in their splendour. Now I’m sure all of you have seen a full moon? Well it will help you to understand what I saw if you can hold the image of a full moon in your head at the time when it appears lowest in the night sky. It looks big and slightly yellow in colour and it radiates such beautiful light.

All three planets looked so beautiful; and at least one displayed patches of a most beautifully gorgeous red colour. The two smaller ones to the fore; one slightly eclipsing the other, and the larger one to the rear and slightly higher. The light radiated was just truly amazing; and coupled with the red sky and mottled cloud, it was something that was heavenly to behold. As I gazed in awe I felt that familiar tug and in no time I was back in my body, in my bed, and trying to get my thoughts around what I’d just experienced. No words can truly describe what I saw; even words such as “amazing”, “incredible” and “spectacular” do not do it justice.

6 thoughts on “At Last! An Out-Of-Body Experience Worth Writing About!

  1. Sairam. Thanks for sharing your incredible experience. Personally dreams come but I hardly recollect or remember what I dreamed. There are people for whom SWAMI appears in dreams and converses with them, may be those experiences are not meant for me. I accept position I am in. Have a great day dear Richard.


  2. Hi Richard. I’m very interested to find out out where might be the best place to purchase your books. I saw that WH Smith have ‘Astral travelling, the avatar and me’. Also, have you written any more recent books too about your experiences? Many thanks, J Garner


    • Thank you for taking an interest in my work. Astral Travelling, The Avatar and Me is an old book that has been out of print for some years now. In 2013 I published an updated version called “The Amazing Journey”. I think copies are still available on amazon, but this too has been out of print for a few years. I unpublished the majority of my books because I don’t feel that they represent who I am today. My latest book, Eyesight To The Blind, is the book I would recommend for you to buy, as it is the most up to date and incorporates all aspects of my experiences. It is available as an ebook and paperback on amazon. Also, you should be able to order it from any decent book shop. Some people have told me that they have had difficulty ordering this way. Although I am told by amazon that book shops should be able to get it via a wholesaler called “Ingram”. Not sure if you are in the UK or US, but links to Eyesight To The Blind can be found on my blog for both amazon UK and US. Thanks again for taking an interest. Here is a link to my blog page.

      Kind Regards…. Richard


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