Why Art As Therapy Is So Important

002Art therapy is an amazing activity; for everyone, but especially for people with a life-limiting and/or terminal illness. All the great souls who have ever incarnated into flesh for the sake of bringing a message of love and truth to the human race have all advocated the importance of “killing” the mind; and art therapy is a most effective way of doing this, albeit on a temporary basis. Art therapists have an uncanny skill of being able to put their clients in touch with themselves at soul level. Because the soul has nothing to fear, in those moments when they are engrossed in their creativity, those who are afflicted are completely oblivious to their predicament.

The soul has nothing to fear because there is actually nothing TO fear. In ultimate reality the soul, as infinite consciousness, is all that exists; there is nothing else. It is who we are, and in truth, there is only One of us, and we exist in a state of perfect bliss. This is the ultimate truth. So, it stands to reason that if you empower someone to experience themselves as who they really are, in those moments, all their fears will dissolve away.

Having had the good fortune to have seen some of these wonderful people in action, I can honestly say that it is a skill I greatly admire.

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