The Mysterious Mystery

Hello! My name is Richard!

Hello! My name is Richard!

Life is a magical mystery; we cannot know the unknowable; we cannot comprehend that which is beyond comprehension. Religion offers an imaginary God (as a separate being) and a list of do’s and don’ts (moral code) for the masses to follow blindly. However, practitioners of religions more often than not end up using their moral code as a yardstick for passing judgement on others. The Divine cannot be known, it can only be experienced and no amount of scriptures and commandments will ever change that. Enlightenment, is coming to the understanding that everything we are looking for is contained within us; that we ourselves are Divine; that we ourselves are contained within every leaf of nature…

5 thoughts on “The Mysterious Mystery

  1. A crisp paragraph bringing out the TRUTH that the SUPREME pervades everything including us thus establishing Advaita philosophy. Thanks for sharing dear Richard.


  2. Truly, the Divine cannot be known. It can only be experienced. The Tao says, “The way that is spoken of is not the way.” This reaffirms what you have just written above. The Tao further says, “Those who know, do not speak; those who speak, do not know.”
    So glad to have discovered your website, Mr. Richard Holmes. Om Sai Ram!


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