Some Pics Of My Recent Trip To Cyprus

I’ve been back for two weeks now and am fully aware that my keyboard has been quiet to say the least. Things are decidedly disjointed in limbo world, believe me. However… here are a few photos from my recent trip to Cyprus, and… I will get tapping again soon! Hope you enjoy them.

14882145_10211122444116328_7859687246096407971_o-1 14889784_10211094024965867_2430019573957106541_o 14889857_10211074646801425_5729740928179330895_o 14902699_10211125804360332_975759194386197057_o 14918809_10211123536903647_1077282252225754899_o 14976366_10211125770399483_7018449557537789904_o 14976814_10211125094862595_2907381941267062868_o 14990961_10211125386269880_6062647466798816766_o







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