Walking In The Sunshine

Keeping in line with what I said in a recent blog post, I am choosing not to join the throngs of armchair philosophers offering an opinion of the current situation on our beautiful planet.  However, like everyone else, I too am experiencing lockdown, social distancing etc.  In view of this I thought it might be a nice idea to share with you some of the photos I took on my phone during my daily exercise walks in the lovely countryside where I live.  After what seemed like half a year of rain in the UK we have now been blessed with the sunshine, which has made my walks all the more pleasant.  Nature really is truly wonderful!


2 thoughts on “Walking In The Sunshine

  1. Beautiful nature, pristine and unpolluted, thanks to Lock Down, would have raised your spirits. Better to be safe and healthy rather than seek company not knowing whether one is the carrier or the other. Live and Let Live.

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