A Letter To My 10 Year-Old Self

I’ve had the absolute pleasure recently, through work, to be involved in several creative writing sessions. In the last session I attended the group was tasked with writing a letter of guidance to our 10 year-old self. We had to imagine that we were 90 year-olds and the letter also had to have a Spring theme, to coincide with the new life that is now springing up all around us. Well, I’m not sure if my letter met the Spring theme entirely, but there was a bit of a hint in there at least. I decided to share my letter via this blog because I found it to be the most beautiful exercise and I was quite struck by the way the words just seemed to flow from within me. Try it yourself, you might be pleasantly surprised.

Wow mate! What a kid you are! I know you don’t understand yet why things are the way they are, but you are doing just great. Remember, everything that you experience in life shapes you into the person you will evolve in to. Try not to worry about all the hurtful stuff, one day you will realise how lucky you are to have the insight that is developing within you, even as I write. Look to Mother Nature because she has much to teach you. For example, the beautiful blossom on the trees that line your road, and the adjacent roads, is there for all to enjoy.

Mother Nature doesn’t discriminate; her trees give fruit and shelter to all, regardless of status; both king and beggar alike can eat of the fruit and seek shelter in the shade.

You have noticed at a very young age the prejudice and inequality that exist in the world. But, look to Mother Nature; she will guide you. Just be yourself and be as the blossom – spread your love indiscriminately.

Smile and be happy.