The Dance Of A Thousand Friendships

1555425_1388661071395910_773736335_nIt seems like only yesterday when one of my favourite pastimes was to mock social media and the aficionados thereof; after all, why on earth would anybody want to take a photo of their breakfast and post it online? To me, social media was the virtual playground where fools would vent their anger and abuse others, whilst hiding behind a computer screen hundreds, or even thousands, of miles away. It was the vehicle used by unscrupulous people to groom and exploit their victims; it was how people with more time on their hands than sense whiled away their days.

One day, somehow, I opened a facebook account; and for the best part of two years it lay dormant. I had no more than a handful of “friends” and I didn’t even have a pic on display. One evening whilst visiting a friend, we somehow got on the subject of facebook and her son decided that I needed a profile pic and proceeded to use the webcam on his laptop to snap me. Then in the very early part of 2011 another friend’s son told me of the importance of global networking and made me realise that social media could be used for things other than announcing to the world that you are munching on a piece of cake or nursing a stonking hangover; and so it began, “The Dance of A Thousand Friendships”.

At the time I decided to use social media to connect with like-minded people all I had was an unused facebook account with around 15 friends (not one single post I tell you) and as for twitter, well, that was another universe entirely. Now three years have passed since I gingerly put my toe in the water, and what an incredible bunch of people I’ve connected with. I have found that spirituality works in its own way, independently of us humans, and will do whatever is necessary to connect people.

For me, what has been the outstanding factor of social media and what has had the biggest impact on me is how it has taught me to examine myself, my thoughts about myself and my thoughts about any particular situation I find myself in. When I’m having one of those days when I’m thinking along the lines of “doom and gloom” my online friends help me to put things into perspective.

I have been privileged to connect with, and even meet in the flesh, some incredible people. Social media has taught me that there are some amazing people in the world; survivors, entrepreneurs and inspirational people from all walks of life. I’ve met various cancer survivors (one particular lady is a five-times stage four survivor), I’ve met people who have made great sacrifices for the love of their families, I’ve met people who have made great successes of their lives and who rub shoulders with the rich and famous, but who remain firmly grounded and mindful of where they came from. I’ve even met a man who was on hunger strike outside 10 Downing Street and who was prepared to lay down his physical life for the cause he believed in.

Yes, most certainly, there is a link between spirituality and social media.

My incredible friends, you all know who you are; and I salute you!

Why Does Anger Exist?

I have been thinking lately that it’s about time I attempted a proper blog post, having hardly written at all for months.  The reason for this is that I haven’t been firing on all cylinders for quite some time now, and this is why I decided to post my daily “thought for the day” on the blog, because it enabled me to stay in touch with all those who have been good enough to take an interest in my work.  I am not overly worried about my lingering bout of extremely low energy because I know there is a good reason for it, and I had my thoughts confirmed by something that someone sent me on social media recently.

As a vast number of people are now aware we are going through a time of great change here within the Earth dimension; everything is shifting as the vibration of the planet is speeding up rapidly.  As a result of this many spiritually aware people are now going through an awakening process.  However, this process is not without its side-effects.  I noticed around two years ago that I was experiencing unusually low energy levels.  Me being me, I didn’t bother too much about it, but as it dragged on and on I did mention it to a couple of close friends.  One of them said I should go and have a blood test.  I tend to try to avoid doctor’s surgeries, but this time I listened to what my friend said and arranged for the test.  To cut a long story short the very extensive blood tests revealed that there was absolutely nothing wrong with me.  My GP said I probably had a mild case of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, for which there is no known cure; the cause is also unknown.

Anyway, I’d heard that spiritual people all over the place were experiencing the same thing, and then a few weeks ago somebody sent me something on social media that gave me even more clarification.  I received a list of no less than 54 symptoms that spiritually aware people are experiencing at this time due to the shift taking place.  I was actually a bit relieved that I could relate to a number of them.

The reason for me telling you this is because lately I have been a writer that hasn’t been doing much writing, so it explains why.  Also, it’s good filler for this (very) little blog post “Why Does Anger Exist”.

Plainly and simply anger exists because people get angry; it has no basis of its own and it is unable to sustain itself without the support of humans.  Love, on the other hand, exists in its own right and is the basis for everything.  In truth, when we get angry we do more damage to ourselves than others.  This is because there are always repercussions in accordance with the laws of cause and effect, karma and personal responsibility.

So really it’s quite simple….. anger?  Don’t do it!!!!