Thought For The Day #41

We always hear about bucket lists. People putting together lists of
things they want to do for themselves before they die. What about lists
of things they want to do for others? Isn’t that what we’ve been taught.
That” service to man is service to God”. It doesn’t have to be material
things we give to those in need. A smile to one who feels invisible to
the rest of the world can say ” Yes I see you, you’re important too”. A
hug for someone who smiles brightly but hides tears behind tired eyes.
Look closely at the old withered hand that worked so hard yet has no
strength to walk in the garden that was so lovingly tendered. Will it
take too much of your time just to hold that hand while saying thank
you? We can give without always expecting something back. That’s what
love is and we are all capable of it – Unknown source, but supplied by my friend V in South Africa

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