Inspiration For Breakfast – Update

Inspiration For Breakfast is now available as a paperback and eBook on both and

I am proud and happy to announce that today sees the release of my latest literary project Inspiration For Breakfast.  It is a compilation of beautifully uplifting quotes of a spiritual, inspirational and motivational nature.  There is no story line, no characters and no danger of being disappointed with the ending; just pure unadulterated inspiration.  It has been published as a paperback and eBook, but as I type the eBook is still going through the review process in Amazon Kindle and the paperback version is not showing up on and yet.  The reason for this is that newly published books can sometimes take a few days to become visible in online stores.  Having said that it can be purchased in Amazon CreateSpace as a paperback for $9.99.

Apart from Inspiration For Breakfast I have just finished recording my latest CD Mantra For The Soul.  However, the finished product requires a tiny amount of tweaking, so in the meantime I will be working on the artwork for the cover, label and inner booklet.  Oh… and look out for another book of quotes just in time for Christmas!

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