Showcasing My Latest Guest Writer – The Wonderful Janice G Ross

DG CelebrationIt gives me great pleasure to welcome US-based Contemporary Fiction Author, Janice G. Ross, to my blog today. Janice is going to tell us a little bit about herself and her book, Damaged Girls. So now it’s over to you Janice.

Janice was born in Guyana, South America; however, she has been
residing in the USA for many years. Her love of words has been built over
years of reading, personal writing and “life on life’s terms”. She believes that writing is about gathering up the jagged edges of life and connecting them with her audience. Janice is currently completing the second instalment of Damaged Girls, as well as working on several other novels.

Janice began writing at a very early age, but put her aspirations on hold for many years. During that time, she acquired several degrees – Industrial Engineering Technology, Marketing and Management. Within the past three years, she returned to her original love and obtained an English degree.

Damaged Girls Synopsis:

Be warned… Romance is not at the heart of Damaged Girls. This series
revolves around contemporary issues in families and relationships.

DG I Updated CoverSteven Briggs is thirty-five, gorgeous and partially successful as an auto shop owner-wannabe. He loves women – young women to be exact. Moreover, he is not above manipulating any situation to have the women he wants. Independent twenty year old Jillian McConnell was once lucky to be a part of his world. Since Stevie was the only man to ever shatter her rough exterior, he knows that she would always keep coming back for more. But Jillian is only good enough some of the time. When the sensual Jessica Rodney comes of age, Stevie is enthralled. He shuns the older part-time model, for the time being. But is Jessica’s liveliness enough to sustain Stevie? Or will he keep turning back to the sensible relationship of his past, since he can always make Jillian believe that she should readily be a willing participant in this triangle. Damaged Girls is a complicated novel about the choices and outcomes, associated with the mistakes we make over time.

For more information on Janice G. Ross and her books please refer to the links below.

Buy Damaged Girls on Amazon UK

Buy Damaged Girls on Amazon US

Check out Janice’s website

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7 thoughts on “Showcasing My Latest Guest Writer – The Wonderful Janice G Ross

  1. This book has caught my attention before. I think I’ll have to read. Nice post, Richard. Janice, well done on all your degrees! And on managing to return to your true love! 🙂 xx


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