A New Project – Update

Burn with loveWhat started off as a bit of a comedy of errors actually turned out to be a very satisfying first show. It was no coincidence that I chose Author Janice Ross as my first guest. Janice is an accomplished broadcaster on Blog Talk Radio (BTR) and I knew that if there were any technical hitches Janice would be able advise me accordingly. Janice, bless her, didn’t even get home from work until 15 minutes before we were due on air, so it was quite amazing how everything came together in the end.

It was so typical of how I tend to do things that I had not realised that, as the host, I too needed to “call in” to the show. With just a couple of minutes to go before the show was due to start, Janice had called and was on hold while yours truly was still fumbling around trying to work things out. Thankfully we were able to communicate via facebook messaging and she enlightened me.

The show had already been running for a couple of minutes before we actually got going, but once the dust settled everything was fine. Because of all the positive feedback, I’ve decided to go ahead with a six-episode series of Holmsey’s Half-Hour and then take it from there. I already have some amazing guests lined up, so I hope you will join me when the next show airs on October 20 at 9:00 pm UK time.

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A New Project

At The Brooklyn Book Fayre - Septenber 2014

At The Brooklyn Book Fayre – Septenber 2014

Today sees my first venture into the world of broadcasting as I host the pilot episode of my new show, “Holmsey’s Half-Hour” on Blog Talk Radio. The show will be spiritually themed and I will be chatting to inspirational people from all walks of life. For those who missed my previous post on this subject and who are not connected with me on social media, my first special guest will be Author Janice Ross. I chose Janice for the first show because of the selfless way she promotes her fellow authors.

Janice is also a very spiritual lady and role model for everyone. Janice has a great sense of humour too so I know we will have a lot of fun. If you are unable to tune-in live when the show goes out at 11:00 pm UK time tonight, it’s no problem, as you simply have to click on the link anytime after the event to listen to the recording.

I hope you will join me later, and if you like what you hear, I hope that you will also click the “follow” button to receive all the latest news and updates related to the show.

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A New Project

I’ve decided that I need another string to my bow. So, on 6 October 2014 I will be launching my chat show on Blog Talk Radio (BTR). The show is called “Holmsey’s Half-Hour” and will feature inspirational people from all walks of life. The first broadcast will be a pilot to help me get the hang of BTR, but it all looks pretty straight forward so I’m hoping there will be no hitches.

My first inspirational guest will be Author Janice Ross. I specifically chose Janice because she does so much to selflessly promote other authors. Janice will be discussing her latest project which is a book of short stories with a paranormal theme; due for release at Christmas 2014.

Because space is limited on my BTR cover page I’m posting Janice’s full bio and book info below. Please check out my page by clicking on the link. You can also keep up with all my broadcasting exploits by clicking on the “follow” button, which is at the top of my BTR page.


Janice Books









Janice Ross was born in Guyana, South America and migrated to the USA in 1980. Although her citizenship certificate now reads the United States of America, she considers herself a citizen of the world. Sure she has not physically been around the world and back, but she’s travelled in her mind and dreams.

Janice is an author. She enjoys writing about social issues and personal experiences. Janice’s debut release was entitled Damaged Girls. She uses the three books in that series to detail the effects of different forms of abuse, discussing issues that are known to be taboo. Her next release, Jumping Ship, is a dedication to her country of birth and an introductory novella to the Island Hopping Series. It is a colorful and emotional experience of life, love and family. As of present, she is also a contributor to a short story collection – Just Between Us, Inspiring Stories by Women. And lastly, Loving Nate, a novella about the realities of losing one’s self to love.

Janice enjoys reading. And is drawn to stories with distinct characters that she can love or hate, characters she can form alliances with or characters that she can swear off and despise. She is also weak for a good cultural tale, preferably in the form of historical fiction. Janice loves to be taken off guard by clever language and settings.

Janice is also a devout supporter and promoter of other authors through social media. She hosts a show, Cultural Cocktails, on the largest social radio network, Blog Talk Radio.

You can connect with Janice on

Website: www.culturalcocktails.com

Talk show: www.blogtalkradio.com/culturalcocktails

Blog http://myculturalcocktails.wordpress.com

Twitter https://twitter.com/JGRWriter

FaceBook https://www.facebook.com/Cultural.Cocktails



LinkedIn www.linkedin.com/pub/janice-ross/58/691/894/




Cultural Cocktails With Author Janice Ross

This Saturday, June 7, I will be appearing as a guest of the wonderful Author Janice Ross, on her Blogtalk Radio show, Cultural Cocktails. You can tune in live at 08:00 EST (1:00 pm UK time) or you can tune in at your convenience by clicking on the link below anytime after the event. Remember though, that the advantage of tuning in live is that you will be able to phone in and chat to us, if you wish, and you can do this via Skype free of charge.

We will be discussing my latest book, Universal Law: An Idiot’s Guide plus loads of other “stuff”. Hope you will join us this Saturday for Cultural Cocktails!


Idiot's Guide Cover MK 2

Another Blockbuster From Author Janice G Ross

April 16 saw the release of Damaged Girls II by Author Janice G Ross. Janice is no stranger to reader’s of my blog and I am proud, not only to welcome her back, but also to showcase her wonderful books. Janice’s latest book is the follow-up to Damaged Girls I and you can check out both books via the links below.

DG CelebrationJanice was born in Guyana and has lived in the US since 1980. Although now a US national, Janice considers herself a “citizen of the world”, and to quote her own words “sure I have not physically been around the world and back, but I have travelled in my mind and in my dreams”. She enjoys writing about social issues and personal experiences and her debut novel series, “Damaged Girls” is about emotional, physical and sexual abuse. It is about the type of life many of us might not know exists, and the type of life many of us might not want to admit exists. Janice has been asked whether of not the novel is based on her own life; she says, “no, although some of the characters have traits that were found buried inside of me at some point in time. However, the experiences are not real to my life, but they are to someone else’s life”.


SONY DSCGet excited, cry, curse, hate, love, and despise! If you’ve already read Damaged Girls I, then these emotions should be familiar. The Damaged Girls Family & Relationship Series began with an introduction to the complex love triangle of Steven Briggs, Jillian McConnell and Jessica Rodney. In the second book of the series, Damaged Girls II, get pulled deeper into the trauma and gain valuable knowledge of why Jillian and Jessica might be such easy targets for a womanizer such as Stevie. Jillian has to come to terms with the crumbling idea of love that she desperately needed to find in Stevie. And Jessica is forced to grow up and away from the man she so badly wanted to keep forever. Stevie even realizes that he needs to get a grip on the drama he created years back; while his decisions and behaviors continue to spiral deeper into selfishness. Unfortunately, Stevie’s insatiable appetite has not diminished, only causing him to become less likeable. Will the three ever learn? As life progresses, we must confront our past, move into our present and plan sensibly for our future. How will Stevie, Jillian and Jessica cope, when life just can’t seem to smile in favor of their original desires? Damaged Girls is not a romance novel outlined in love. It is not pleasant and idealistic, but very cruel and extremely unsavory. In fact, it is deep and rather dark at times. The story focuses on emotional, physical and sexual abuse, and how easily its effects can cause some to own the title of Damaged Girls.

Buy on amazon.com http://ow.ly/kfG09 

Buy on amazon.co.uk http://ow.ly/kfFVd

Check out Damaged Girls I

DG I Updated Cover

Buy on amazon.com http://ow.ly/kgOet 

Buy on amazon.co.uk http://ow.ly/kgOis 

Showcasing My Latest Guest Writer – The Wonderful Janice G Ross

DG CelebrationIt gives me great pleasure to welcome US-based Contemporary Fiction Author, Janice G. Ross, to my blog today. Janice is going to tell us a little bit about herself and her book, Damaged Girls. So now it’s over to you Janice.

Janice was born in Guyana, South America; however, she has been
residing in the USA for many years. Her love of words has been built over
years of reading, personal writing and “life on life’s terms”. She believes that writing is about gathering up the jagged edges of life and connecting them with her audience. Janice is currently completing the second instalment of Damaged Girls, as well as working on several other novels.

Janice began writing at a very early age, but put her aspirations on hold for many years. During that time, she acquired several degrees – Industrial Engineering Technology, Marketing and Management. Within the past three years, she returned to her original love and obtained an English degree.

Damaged Girls Synopsis:

Be warned… Romance is not at the heart of Damaged Girls. This series
revolves around contemporary issues in families and relationships.

DG I Updated CoverSteven Briggs is thirty-five, gorgeous and partially successful as an auto shop owner-wannabe. He loves women – young women to be exact. Moreover, he is not above manipulating any situation to have the women he wants. Independent twenty year old Jillian McConnell was once lucky to be a part of his world. Since Stevie was the only man to ever shatter her rough exterior, he knows that she would always keep coming back for more. But Jillian is only good enough some of the time. When the sensual Jessica Rodney comes of age, Stevie is enthralled. He shuns the older part-time model, for the time being. But is Jessica’s liveliness enough to sustain Stevie? Or will he keep turning back to the sensible relationship of his past, since he can always make Jillian believe that she should readily be a willing participant in this triangle. Damaged Girls is a complicated novel about the choices and outcomes, associated with the mistakes we make over time.

For more information on Janice G. Ross and her books please refer to the links below.

Buy Damaged Girls on Amazon UK http://www.amazon.co.uk/Damaged-Girls-I-ebook/dp/B00AMLEZ7Q/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1358966390&sr=1-1

Buy Damaged Girls on Amazon US http://www.amazon.com/Damaged-Girls-I-ebook/dp/B00AMLEZ7Q/ref=cm_cr_pr_product_top

Check out Janice’s website http://www.culturalcocktails.com/CC/JGR/JGR.html

Connect with Janice on facebook https://www.facebook.com/janice.ross.7334

Follow Janice on twitter https://twitter.com/JGRWriter