Another Blockbuster From Author Janice G Ross

April 16 saw the release of Damaged Girls II by Author Janice G Ross. Janice is no stranger to reader’s of my blog and I am proud, not only to welcome her back, but also to showcase her wonderful books. Janice’s latest book is the follow-up to Damaged Girls I and you can check out both books via the links below.

DG CelebrationJanice was born in Guyana and has lived in the US since 1980. Although now a US national, Janice considers herself a “citizen of the world”, and to quote her own words “sure I have not physically been around the world and back, but I have travelled in my mind and in my dreams”. She enjoys writing about social issues and personal experiences and her debut novel series, “Damaged Girls” is about emotional, physical and sexual abuse. It is about the type of life many of us might not know exists, and the type of life many of us might not want to admit exists. Janice has been asked whether of not the novel is based on her own life; she says, “no, although some of the characters have traits that were found buried inside of me at some point in time. However, the experiences are not real to my life, but they are to someone else’s life”.


SONY DSCGet excited, cry, curse, hate, love, and despise! If you’ve already read Damaged Girls I, then these emotions should be familiar. The Damaged Girls Family & Relationship Series began with an introduction to the complex love triangle of Steven Briggs, Jillian McConnell and Jessica Rodney. In the second book of the series, Damaged Girls II, get pulled deeper into the trauma and gain valuable knowledge of why Jillian and Jessica might be such easy targets for a womanizer such as Stevie. Jillian has to come to terms with the crumbling idea of love that she desperately needed to find in Stevie. And Jessica is forced to grow up and away from the man she so badly wanted to keep forever. Stevie even realizes that he needs to get a grip on the drama he created years back; while his decisions and behaviors continue to spiral deeper into selfishness. Unfortunately, Stevie’s insatiable appetite has not diminished, only causing him to become less likeable. Will the three ever learn? As life progresses, we must confront our past, move into our present and plan sensibly for our future. How will Stevie, Jillian and Jessica cope, when life just can’t seem to smile in favor of their original desires? Damaged Girls is not a romance novel outlined in love. It is not pleasant and idealistic, but very cruel and extremely unsavory. In fact, it is deep and rather dark at times. The story focuses on emotional, physical and sexual abuse, and how easily its effects can cause some to own the title of Damaged Girls.

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