Ricky’s Raw Recipes #4

001You will just love this one! Very palatable; in fact, I found this juice absolutely delicious (and I remembered to take a pic this time)!

Add water to your blender along with a 125g bag of rocket and baby leaf salad. Then add fennel, celery, apple, avocado, ginger and lemon juice. Blitz as you go along and when you’ve got the whole lot in the blender give it another good blitzing to remove any lumps (this goes for all recipes). Then just glug it down and enjoy!

If you are wondering why I’ve suddenly gone blitz-mad and started posting recipes on my blog, it’s just a way of keeping me and my blog active while things are a bit quiet in other departments. The out-of-body experiences seem to have dried up for the time being and there’s nothing else of note, spiritual-wise, to blog about at the moment, so the raw food thing seems like a good idea. I’m also considering doing features on various spiritual centres that I serve too. In the meantime, just keep blitzing!!

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