From Ears To Eternity

pics 013Some religions tell us that we will attain eternal life by behaving in a certain way and adhering to certain doctrines and dogma. However, I wish to put forward my own take on this because I do not believe that it is possible to attain something that we already have.

Where will this eternal life take place anyway? Presumably in a place called “eternity”; but if eternity exists, how can it be a place that we go to? The very name suggests boundless infinity; therefore if we had to attain eternity, eternity would not exist because to attain it would imply that where we are now is a separate place. If where we are now is a separate place it implies that there must be some sort of cut-off point between our current existence and this place called eternity. That being the case, eternity would not be eternity because it would not be infinite and boundless.

We are eternal beings of spirit; pure consciousness. We have always existed, even if we have not always been individualised. The “stuff” of which we are made is eternal, so whichever way we look at it, we have always been in existence. Therefore we cannot attain eternal life because we already have it, and we do not go to a place called eternity because we are already there; this life is merely an aspect of the boundless and infinite Super-Consciousness we call God. The formless manifested as form.

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