Ricky’s Raw Recipes #12

Hello raw food slurpers! It’s been a few weeks since my last recipe so I thought it was about time to raid my fridge again and see what I could knock up. This recipe really is a concoction because, as things stand, the cupboards (and fridge) are a bit bare.

So, I started as usual by adding a large glass of water to my blender. I then added an apple, a stick of celery, half a green pepper, a piece of cucumber and a good quantity of spinach. I topped this off with the juice of half a lime. The end result was just about palatable, however, I’m including this recipe for a good reason. Had I not been out of fresh root ginger and been able to add a large chunk to the mix, I’m sure it would have been a great raw food concoction. It didn’t make me grimace when I was drinking but there was definitely something lacking. Try it yourself, but make sure you add the ginger, and if the taste doesn’t transport you immediately to juice heaven I’ll eat my blender! Laterz…

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