And Another Thing…

imagesWith regard to science… People who are spiritual sceptics and atheists quite often cite “science” and “scientific proof” in their arguments against religions and spirituality. However, the only conclusive thing about science is that it is inconclusive. People well versed in matters of a scientific nature will know that everything in the universe and beyond, without exception, is comprised of energy. They will also be aware that energy is in a constant state of flux. So, what may constitute a scientific fact today, may well be completely inaccurate in the future. The truth is that science and spirituality go hand in hand; they are two sides of the same coin and cannot be separated. Science does not exist within infinite consciousness, but when consciousness manifests itself as the universe, it has to function in accordance with a set of scientific laws; hence we have the laws of physics etc. Science only exists when the infinite mind limits itself by manifesting as form in the world. However, without science the individual soul would not be able to experience life in the physical; the laws of science are the mechanism by which the physical world functions.

391526_505862112801718_976558905_nWith regard to being sceptical about complementary therapies… As with the above paragraph, people who are sceptical about so-called complementary, alternative and natural therapies usually cite medical science and lack of substantive proof of effectiveness as the reasons for their scepticism. What they overlook is that before governments realised that they could make billions of pounds by selling tablets to sick people (tablets that, incidentally, quite often have horrendous side-effects), there wasn’t any other means of treating the sick and infirm. Reiki, for example, is thousands of years old and is a very effective therapy in the treatment of pain and stress. There are also many, many cases of Reiki effectively healing physical conditions. My question for the sceptics is this: “Can you show me a human being who is 20 billion years old, and still walking around in a physical body”? The answer, surely, is “No”! So, does this mean that conventional medicine is a load of rubbish? Surely, if conventional medicine is the be-all-and-end-all, we are all going to live in these bodies forever? Thankfully, that is not the case, but the truth is that medical science is advancing and healthcare professionals do a fantastic job. Conventional medicine is very important, but so are the natural therapies and the two should quite comfortably sit side by side each other in a world without prejudice.

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