Reincarnation Simplified

616828_3084981623035_2102591458_oIt’s a subject that is quite often pondered; reincarnation; do we or don’t we? There are a number of arguments for and against, but for me, the simplest way to explain this conundrum is as follows. The Self is all there is. It exists in an eternal state of bliss as infinite consciousness. The entire creation, and all the drama that goes with it, is simply consciousness projecting itself while at the same time imposing temporary limitations on itself. The Self is ever-present and changeless and has neither birth nor death. So we should ask the question:

Who is it that reincarnates?

The answer is that it is only the ego that reincarnates.

3 thoughts on “Reincarnation Simplified

  1. Reincarnation is generally understood as an Holy Person coming again in a different form. Yes you are correct that self is eternal, and a part of the Supreme Whole, thus giving rise to the illusion of many forms / smells / tastes etc that we experience as we think that we are the body (a temporary abode of eternal self). So when the humanity deviates greatly from inherrent divinity and assumes animalistic or non human tendencies, then the Supreme Whole takes a form (reincarnates) to guide the humanity back to the right path. Reincarnation is not used for the normal cycle of births and deaths that occur in the world, like we discard old worn out clothes and wear new / fresh clothes, the self (atma) also undergoes this process of inhabiting different bodies (containers) till the self merges with the Supreme.


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