Don’t Kill Yourself; It Will Be The Death Of You!

Think about this…

It is considered wrong to commit suicide, say by hanging yourself or taking an overdose, and it is illegal to assist someone in taking their own life. However, the society in which we live seemingly thinks it’s OK to kill ourselves as long as we use a slow method. What I mean is, humans knowingly poison their bodies by smoking cigarettes, taking drugs, drinking alcohol and consuming food that has been contaminated with chemicals.

In truth we cannot die because there is no death. I just find it mildly amusing that sanctimonious, self-righteous society deems it OK to subject ourselves to a slow and often painful demise by abusing our bodies, but, dare to get a gun and blow your own brains out, and boy, are you in trouble!


PS Before I get accused of saying that society says it’s OK to take drugs…

I was actually referring specifically to the act of taking one’s own life. If you think about it logically; quick or slow, it’s all suicide.