The Man On The Hill

As you know, if we see a snowflake in the UK the whole country grinds to a halt, and today we have a little more than that (hope you like the pics and short video of my back garden).  So, it is appropriate, that since my place of work sits up on high ground six miles from here, and my place of work is shut because of the snow, I have got the chance to write a blog post called, “The Man On The Hill”.  It is an old Zen parable, but I have put my own spin on it and will relate it in my own way of speaking.

Three friends were out walking, and in the distance, high up on a hill, they could see a man, seemingly just standing there.  As they walked, they started to speculate amongst themselves as to what he was doing.  The first man said, “I think he is looking for his dog”.  The second man said, “no, I think he is looking for his friend”.  The third man said, “no, you are both wrong, I think he is just getting some fresh air”.  As they walked, they continued to have the discussion and eventually they found themselves following the path leading up the hill.

After a while they reached where the man was standing and curiosity got the better of them.  “Excuse me”, said the first man, “but we couldn’t help but wonder what you are doing, are you looking for your dog”?  “No, I’m not”, came the reply.  The second man spoke up, “then are you looking for your friend”?  “No”, came the reply again.  The third man then asked, “are you just enjoying the fresh air”?  For the third time, the man answered, “no I’m not”.  The three friends, completely baffled, then asked, “If you are not engaged in any of those things can you please tell us what you are doing”?  “I’m just standing”, replied the man.

“Just standing”, could be “just chopping wood”, “just washing up”, “just cutting the grass”, but what the man is really saying is, “I’m just being”.  The three friends are typical of the monkey-like chatter of the egoic mind.  It didn’t even occur to them that the man could be “just standing”, they had to pigeonhole what he was doing.  So, they created several imaginary stories as they speculated their way along the path.  It is no    coincidence that there are three of them; the three friends being symbolic of the holy trinity of the physical world.  We can also relate the three friends to the three states that we experience in this world of matter; waking, dream and deep sleep.  The man “just standing” represents the “God-state” of Turiya, which exists beyond all triads.

This is what makes Zen so wonderfully unique in relation to other religions.  Zen, “The Experience of Pure Knowing”, will awaken within you when you are ready.  A Zen master will simply give you the key to open up the knowing that has always existed within you.  Whereas, a teacher of religion will fill your head with knowledge based on the past.  Knowledge = Non-sense; Knowing = God-sense.

I will just finish off by sharing with you something rather ironic that occurred to me as I was pondering writing this post.  All the great spiritual masters who founded the religions of the world, were exceptional souls who broke the mould.  They did not follow the crowd; on the contrary, they were inspirational leaders and exceptional individuals.  But to be a follower of an organised religion means that you have to be the exact opposite of the religion’s founder; in other words you have to conform to convention.  To be a Christian for example, you have to be an Anti-Christ, you have to become a sheep and follow the crowd.  Christ himself did not advocate hierarchy; all were equal in his eyes.  Now there are hundreds and hundreds of Christian cults and sects, all run by committees and people (mainly men) with titles, who dictate to the masses in accordance with their own limited understanding.  This is an indication of the man-made, egoic nature of organised religion.  I have written many times about this.  The spirit evolves via the adventure of experience, not by conforming to outdated, fear-based, man-made rules, regulations and rituals.  CAN I GET AN AMEN?  Maybe not…


The Holy Trinity Of Love, The Child & Innocence

There is a child in all of us regardless of physical age, an inner child whose very nature is love in all its innocent glory.  The unsullied child; without judgement, prejudice or bias in any form.  Ever the impartial and silent observer, a microcosm of equanimity within the great macrocosm, unruffled by the helter skelter of the illusion that is earthly life.  If this is so why does life tend to be so painful and difficult?

The reason for this is because when we plunge into the realm of matter, encased within a body of flesh, we become immersed in the monkey-mind-like chatter of information picked up by the senses from the external world; which is then fed to our own logical minds.  Our minds then tend to race, churning countless fragments of information around as if in a tumble dryer.  The result of this is worry and confusion and we simply lose sight of who we really are; we lose sight of the child.  The good news is that just because we lose sight of the child, it doesn’t mean that it isn’t there.  It’s the same principle as not being able to see the sun on a cloudy day.  The sun may be obscured by the clouds but it still shines in all its glory.

Creation moves in cycles, and this trilogy of Love, Child, Innocence is no exception to the rule; which is more good news for us.  What this means is that there can only ever be one outcome; no matter how long it may take, each and every one of us will one day, once again, realise the “child within” in all its effulgent splendour.  It’s also another good example of the symbolism of the Holy Trinity: Love (the all-encompassing God the Father) begat the Child (God the Son) which is permeated throughout by innocence (The Holy Spirit).

The Earth dimension has been created specifically as a dreamland stage so that we, as individualised souls, can incarnate within it when need be and play the game of life.  It’s a bit like playing snakes and ladders, where we will make progress along the way but will also encounter pitfalls.  The beauty of creation moving through cycles is that if we ever find ourselves in a situation that we don’t like, we have the power to change it.  For example, what is your inner child doing at this moment?  Is it ripping open Christmas presents, sulking in the corner or crying because it has been hurt?  If it’s one of the latter two, you yourself have the power to change it to the first example.

Yes, the Earth dimension really has been created in a specific way; a way that makes it inevitable that our child will become obscured.  Once this happens we can then commence “The Game of Life” or the journey back to the child via a pathway of trial and error.  Life begins at the end of our comfort zone and no journey is worth making unless it represents some kind of challenge.  Each challenge we meet along the way represents an opportunity to grow; and each opportunity to grow is relished by the child because it serves as one more stepping stone back to Love, The Father (there’s that cycle again).

If you are struggling at this moment in time remember that your child loves you.  But also understand that you and your child are One; love your child and love yourself, for the key to happiness within the Earth dimension is to love yourself simply for who and what you are, imperfections and all, completely and utterly without conditions.  Do this and your child will be laughing its socks off!

The epitomy of Love, Child, Innocence