Trance Mediumship – What’s The Point?

I suppose the title sounds a bit cynical, probably because there is a hint of cynicism cunningly inserted into it, but there is a reason for my cynicism.  For the uninitiated trance mediumship is when a medium allows a dis-carnate soul to overshadow/enter their physical body, take over their voice box and then speak through them.  Theoretically, the spirit guide, or whomever the communicating soul may be, then proceeds to speak words of wisdom and enlightenment.  That all sounds pretty good, however, we live in changing times and to me, this is just one of many examples of how UK Spiritualism remains firmly rooted in the past.  I will now endeavour to qualify this statement by offering my reasons for holding this view.

We need to understand that the human race, and indeed our wonderful planet, is going through a shift at this moment in time.  It should also be said that it is only the spiritually un-aware who are not able to feel these changes that are taking place as I type.  I mention this because we are fast heading towards a new Golden Age; and people all over the planet are going through an awakening that is very tangible in its process.  People all over the planet are waking up to who they really are and coming to the realisation that what we are all seeking has all the time been closer than our very finger tips, and has indeed been nestling within our own hearts.  We also need to understand that ALL form, without exception, both in this realm and the astral realms, is an illusion.

Now, this “thing” that we have all been searching for, i.e. “the bliss that passes all understanding” or God, if you like, which is our true nature, is also an infinite ocean of love, wisdom and truth.  To be more precise, this God-ness is actually all these things rolled into one.  Having established this it is now apparent that there is no reason whatsoever for anyone anywhere to want to allow the likes of “Auntie Doris” or “Big Chief Tomahawk” the spirit guide (who isn’t even a real Red Indian anyway) to take over their voice box and speak in a funny voice and maybe do a bit of hand waving in the process.  What I mean is, that what is contained within the illusion of our physical form is all-knowing and wisdom personified, therefore if we are now awakening to this truth is it not the most logical, practical and simple thing in the world to just tap into this source of inner joy and take from it what we need to enhance our own lives and the lives of others?  Illusion will always dissolve and fade away when faced with truth, so if we are now waking up to our truth what further purpose could trance mediumship possibly serve?

What purpose does it serve to have another soul, who may or may not be as evolved as we are, take over our physical body and use our voice box to speak, when we have something within us that is far more profound?  We also need to understand that everything we see is just an opinion, meaning that we all view the world from our own perspective and vision; and we have already established that all form is an illusion.  This would suggest that not only is Big Chief Tomahawk not a real Red Indian, but the Uncle Charlies and Auntie Mabels of the astral planes didn’t actually exist here on Earth in the way that we remember; what we saw of them was just our opinion at the time.

I don’t write with cynicism in order to be insulting or disrespectful in any way, but I find that it enables me to simplify my writing and put things over in ways that people can understand, and I’m afraid that I find the whole Spiritualism thing so outdated.  It seems to imply that we will find what we are looking for externally, yet nothing could be further from the truth.  I have always accepted that we all need to start somewhere, but once you have established a platform from which to work you need to evolve, and Spiritualism just doesn’t do this; It’s the same old same old.  It seeks to prove survival after physical death, and I believe it does this admirably, but it doesn’t do anything else; for heaven’s sake, just how many times do we need to be told that Auntie Doris baked cakes and liked her garden????

Never in a million years will we find the peace that passes all understanding when we look outside of ourselves.  A medium cannot tell us anything that is going to take away our worries, fears and troubles; only mind control via inner enquiry can do that, and the whole concept of trance mediumship implies that we have to rely on another party separate from ourselves to provide guidance.  You the reader, you yourself are God and all the knowledge you will ever need, you have already.  Anyone that we look to for guidance can, at the most, only point us in the direction of ourselves.

Do not be content with the empty shells washed up on the shore, instead dive deep into the ocean and collect the pearls of wisdom – Sri Sathya Sai Baba

In summary I would like to say that I accept wholeheartedly that there is a need for people who have no spiritual understanding to come to the realisation that there is no death, and that those they love have in fact simply stepped out of the body into another dimension.  My biggest gripe with Spiritualism is that it doesn’t seem to move beyond this point, although I also accept that many people still believe that death actually exists and need the comfort that Spiritualism provides.  However, it should also be understood that the mind, ego and senses will always trick us into looking at the world from the perspective of duality.  When we are awake we transcend the mind, ego and senses and therefore view the world from the perspective of “Oneness”, which is truth.  Bearing this in mind and going back to the title of this article “Trance Mediumship – What’s The Point”; who can actually speak through us?  From the perspective of Oneness, no one but ourselves.

9 thoughts on “Trance Mediumship – What’s The Point?

  1. An evening with a trance medium is facinating the first time and interesting on the second occasion. Come the third one is left wondering what precisely has been learned or achieved.
    It has occurred to me that neither I nor the medium has any real idea of the status of the spirit contact or how evolved the spirit might be. We have to rely utterly and completely on what we are told by that spirit with no supporting evidence. In this I have always relied on my gut feelings as to veracity etc

    I have also wondered about my own motivation in attending. There is no need to seek proof of the continuation of life; I have it. I am not seeking philosophy; few spirits seem interested to expound. We rely purely on Q and A sessions which rarely clarify anything for the seeker. I am now ashamed to admit I must go solely for the spectacle and this is not the right attitude at all.

    What I am trying to say, but badly, is yes Richard I agree with you. But there is a place for trance although it is a very unimportant one. What worries me is the attitude of many sitters who soak it all up in utter amazement and hang upon every word a spirit has uttered. This is not healthy for them at any level because, as you so eloquently say, they are not looking in the right place for guidance in matters spiritual.


  2. I have to say that I am only at the very start of my journey into believing, but quite frankly I would run a mile rather than experience someone being ‘taken over’. Small things have happened to me, but nonetheless meaningful things and that has been enough to begin to open my eyes to what is beyond. As you say Richard, things move on. Now I have had proof that my loved ones are with me, I don’t need them to be constantly giving validation. Great post!


  3. Richard,
    Your comments are correct for you and many others at this particular time. However, I would just like to point out that some people who just visit spiritual meetings and get messages from mediums regarding life after death. Mums dads uncles etc. as the first stages of their evidence of the afterlife. They at this stage do not always understand the process of spirituality. I have found that on researching trance myself. Many of the teaching that have come from trance have been taken on board if not only for the way that it has been presented. Truth will always out in the end. And i feel that trance has evolved to a higher degree than in the early years. So it should remain as a teaching method to coinside with other methods. It is about the truth being stated after all. We can fly now. But we still use the wheel. As we evolve in our understaning of the oneness. We may not require trance as our inspiration for wanting to change our perceptions. But many others may. So i do agree with your comments regarding trance for some people. But not for all. The seed has to be planted before the rose can bloom. Thruths have to be stated before people can review them and decide to agree or disagree with them. I sometimes visit the spiritualist churches for no other reason but to receive tranquility within myself with like minded people. Very peacful moments i must say. I would like to take this opertunity to congratulate you on your words. GOD Bless you.


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