A Slight Amendment

Once again, I find myself being inspired to write a blog post after reading the work of Neale Donald Walsch. This time the book that inspired me was: Friendship With God. The particular passage that stoked the flames of inspiration within me, spoke of how we have been conditioned into perceiving God as a parent; a parent who can get quite shirty with us if we don’t love “him” in the way he demands. It went on to say, that if we could simply accept God as a friend and seek to develop that friendship, our lives would be much more in line with our soul purpose. Of course, those are my own words that describe a vastly truncated version of what I actually read, but I hope you get the gist of what I’m trying to convey here. What nailed it for me to write this post was the piece that suggested we could start The Lord’s Prayer with, “Our Friend” instead of “Our Father.” So, feeling suitably inspired, I decided to take it upon myself to amend The Lord’s Prayer and I hope you feel as I do, that this is a far more realistic version.

The Friend’s Prayer

Our Friend, who art everywhere,

Hallowed be thy nameless and formless Self,

Our kingdom is One kingdom,

Our will drives us on,

Everywhere; not just within the constraints of man-made religion,

You give us every day, everything we need, and

You accept us exactly as we are without judgement,

For ours is the kingdom,

The power to Love, gloriously,

For ever and ever,

Our Friend