It’s now seven days since Swami left his body and the dust appears to be settling.  It is apparent, however, that Baba is not conspicuous by his absence, rather the opposite.  He is just as present as ever, if not more so, it’s just that he is no longer identifiable by his beautiful physical form; and beautiful it most certainly was.  I’ll never forget the first time I saw him close up.  He was (and is) actually beautiful.  I wrote in my book “Astral Travelling, The Avatar and Me” that I never ever dreamed in a million years that I would end up describing a man as beautiful.  But Swami was definitely not of this world and his form was most exquisitely beautiful.

Like other devotees I have spoken to I am more determined than ever to carry out Swami’s will in the aftermath of his physical demise.  But I feel a pull in a different direction.  I feel alienated from the Sai Baba groups, as though my time is done there and pastures new beckon.  It’s actually quite exciting, with all the changes happening around the planet and the consciousness of the human race rising as I type.

For me there was one particular thing that disappointed me over the last week or so.  In the UK there was hardly any media coverage (which is not a bad thing) but what little coverage there was just HAD to mention all the negative stuff that’s been circulated about Swami over the years.  They just couldn’t resist it could they.  They just had to slip into the story all the horrendous and unfounded allegations levied against a wonderful soul who gave so much and took nothing in return.  Friends circulated some photos via email of Baba’s last darshan on March 25th.  He looked so frail and ill…..but what was he doing…..blessing the masses, that’s what.  He knew he was leaving but he was still giving.  I find it so tragic and sad that the media have never been able to see this.  It’s such a shame that in an industry that supposedly prides itself on reporting news in a truthful and factual way, they choose to compromise their principles for the sake of a tacky story.

Baba lives!  He is more omnipresent than ever.

Jai Sai Ram

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