Why Would You Need A Sidekick To Astral Project? 3

Just when I thought it was safe to go back to the astral planes…. someone queried (and very validly) a point I made, or rather didn’t make, in the previous article.  Namely, if we have already learned lessons and gained knowledge from previous incarnations, why are these lessons then blocked with each subsequent incarnation, thus making our journey more difficult than it needs to be?  This query was prompted by what I said about the memory being temporarily veiled just prior to incarnation.  This is the answer I gave.

The lessons we have already learned are not blocked as such; once a lesson has been learned it does not need to be re-learned over and over again.  Further, with regard to lessons already learned, our inner guidance prevents us from falling into age old traps.  For example, would anyone with half an ounce of spiritual understanding contiunue to put their hand into the fire in the knowledge that it’s damn hot and going to hurt like hell?

The adventures we face with each sojourn into the flesh represent things that still need to be resolved in order for us to take further steps towards enlightenment; not things that have already been resolved.  So, if we had prior knowledge of the answers it would render doing the exam pointless, and we would never truly be able to move on from where we are stuck.  To use an anaology to clarify this further; I could go on the internet and purchase a bogus degree in nuclear physics but it wouldn’t make me a nuclear physicist.  The worlds greatest leaders and spiritual teachers, sports professionals etc. achieved success by making great sacrifices and enduring great hardship.  What I’m trying to say is that no one ever achieves anything truly worthwhile by ”breezing” through a process.  There has to be some form of sacrifice along the way.

The phrase ”no pain, no gain” springs to mind.

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