A New Angle On Astral Travelling – Part Two

I have also held the opinion for quite some time that our out-of-body experiences contain messages of guidance for us in the same way that our dreams do.  This is what I meant at the beginning of this article when I said it was being written on the principle that EVERYTHING happens for a reason, right down to the minutest detail.  This is also supported by the fact that whenever I go on an astral journey I am always taken to a specific place; it is never random.  So, with all this in mind I want to deal with the symbolism of the castle-like building made out of red stone.

Earlier that day I had seen a news bulletin announcing that Glasgow Rangers Football Club had gone into administration for millions of pounds of unpaid tax bills.  For those around the world reading this who may not be familiar with British football, Glasgow Rangers are bastions of The Scottish League with a history of over 50 league championships behind them, they have also been victorious on countless occasions in domestic cup competitions.  Over the years a number of Scottish teams have gone to the wall through financial difficulties, but you would never have thought in a million years, that the institution that is Glasgow Rangers, with its glittering history, would have followed suit.  Although the club hasn’t folded, the situation it finds itself in is unprecedented in its history.  Rangers ground is called Ibrox Park and during the bulletin, footage of the exterior of this grand old building was shown.  It just happens to be made of red brick.

My red stone building was symbolic of Ibrox Park and the “fortress” that was Glasgow Rangers FC (the fortress representing the grip that Rangers have had on Sottish football over the years).  The whole point of showing me this scene was as a reminder that everything on the Earth plane has its day and will eventually perish.  A castle is representative of strength and security, but not even the “fortress” that was Rangers FC could continue without going through revolutionary changes.   It’s also a reminder of the futility of putting our faith in “things of the world” because they are only temporary.

As for the muppet-like characters, now that is a strange one, although I do have my theories.  I know that on the astral planes we can “think” ourselves instantly into different forms; and I have first-hand experience of this.  Also, as stated earlier in this article, I honestly believe that all of our thoughts, feelings and actions within the Earth dimension have a knock-on effect that creates for us our own personal little astral world which is representative of where we are on our spiritual pathway.  Now, if the place I was taken to is somewhere that has been created by my consciousness, all I can say is that there sure must be a lot worse places out there in creation.  In all honesty, that place wasn’t half-bad at all.  The musicians really seemed to be enjoying themselves, and the muppet-like characters to me, symbolise child-like enthusiasm.  They also represent the little bit of chaos that continues to rear its head in my life from time to time.  There is also another, much simpler theory that I have, which is that they could just have been souls who looked that way.  Or, they “thought” themselves into those forms knowing it would make me smile and give me something to think about.  I also believe that the purpose of me being exposed to high frequency music was so that I could reap its healing benefits; the healing being received on a level beyond my current comprehension.

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