Do Nothing To Achieve Nothing

It is said that at the final stage of Self-realisation the ego merges into the Self and disappears. However, this would imply that the ego actually exists in the first place. The ultimate reality is that nothing exists except consciousness in its blissful infinite state of pure being; therefore the separate self (ego) only exists from the standpoint of duality, which is an illusion.

The concept of a single, infinite and indivisible whole is not easy for everyone to grasp, so it is perfectly acceptable to approach spiritual practice from a dualistic perspective. However, all of our spiritual practices; meditation, yoga, chanting and the study of spiritual texts, to name but a few, are nothing more than stepping-stones to finding what is already there. I have come to the conclusion that the simplest way to spiritual evolution is to do nothing in order to achieve nothing.

There is a Zen saying that says, “allow yourself to be as a hollow bamboo”, or words to that effect. What it means is to simply allow that higher power, which is your true nature, to operate through you. It is only the ego, the small “I” that needs to “do”. It knows that it ultimately does not exist and is on borrowed time, so it will do all it can to trick us into believing that we are the separate self. The individual soul was formed out of the nothing of the silent and blissful wilderness of Self, but there is never a time when it is not the Self. The trick, for want of a better word, is to understand that it is the individual soul as an ego/body/mind that is the illusion, the individual soul as Self is very real.

So allow yourself to be as a hollow bamboo and let your true nature work through you(do nothing), in order to experience your true nature of nothingness (achieve nothing). Rupert Spira explains this beautifully as, “being aware of being aware”.


The Flawed Concept Of Western Religion

The existence of the God of Western Religion is not only scientifically impossible; it is also spiritually impossible. Even the name “God”, is a term created by humans for the purpose of communicating with a deity. Does it not stand to reason? In accordance with that human habit of wanting to name and label everything, the same must surely apply to the deity. Otherwise, how would we address a nameless deity? How would the church threaten the masses with eternal damnation? But I digress…

It is generally accepted by all religions that God exists in a state of eternal bliss as Infinite Cosmic Consciousness. Even the Christian Church’s view of God bears some resemblance to this. However, the Christian Church also objectifies God as a deity that exists separately from the rest of creation; including the human race. If this was the case, that God exists as a deity, independently from the rest of creation, it would mean that Infinite Cosmic Consciousness would have to displace a piece of itself. If Consciousness displaced a piece of itself it would no longer be infinite, as by definition, infinity has no limitations or boundaries. You cannot have a cut-off point within infinity where something else exists separately. Therefore, the whole concept of Western Religion is flawed.


Ticking All The Boxes

self realizationI was browsing on facebook one day when I noticed that a you tube video by a man called Rupert Spira had appeared on my wall. I was attracted by the title and decided to give it a go. To say I was blown away is an understatement and I am now a Rupert convert. This man really ticks all the boxes as far as I’m concerned and he is my current “man of the moment”, relegating Neale Donald Walsch down to #2. He has a very calm, almost deadpan, manner about him and explains potentially complicated subject matter in a way that is mainly easy to understand. In the last video of his that I watched the point of discussion (and this is not word for word, it’s simply my way of explaining things) was about how our true nature is always present but the mind, or ego, prevents us from recognising it. He used the analogy of a cinema screen and a film; how the film is simply a series of images that masks the screen, but whilst it is showing, the screen is ever present although not visible. When the film is over the screen remains.

It is the same principle as our true nature (the screen) being ever present before and after we take birth in the world (the film). Many people still do not understand who they really are simply due to ignorance of their true nature. In the video an audience member asked a question regarding this and Rupert gave the following explanation:

“Ignorance is a point of view; it’s not something that is really there. It’s a way of seeing, it is not something that is seen”

There are many ways to describe our true nature; and they are all accurate. Truth, God, Bliss, Awareness and Consciousness are just a handful of ways to describe who we really are. In the following example Rupert referred to us as “happiness” and he said to the same audience member:

“Happiness is not a state that comes and goes, it is the true nature of consciousness and is ever-present. It reveals itself when the layers of ignorance periodically dissolve away”.

He also referred to:

“the dissolution of thoughts”

as being the cause for happiness to reveal itself. Of course, it has been stated many times before that the infinite, creative force that we know as “God”, of its own will, splits itself into billions of particles and experiences the physical life in order to know experientially what it previously only knew as concept. So, in other words, the infinite voluntarily becomes the finite on a temporary basis. Although the finite is always only an illusion. Rupert describes this phenomenon thus:

“The finite mind is infinite consciousness modulating itself”.

Rupert Spira is one of many wonderful souls on the planet right now who truly are a fountain of wisdom and wonder. I’m not on a commission; honest! but you could do a lot worse than check out this man’s you tube channel. God bless!

Rupert’s you tube channel


Eternal Life? Just WHAT Is There To Be Sceptical About?

210701_3084350927268_403613210_oWhy is there still a prevalent mindset amongst sceptics that does not accept that we cannot die? Eternal life can be proven scientifically in a very simple way. Firstly, science has proved that everything in the universe and beyond, without exception, is energy. Science has also proved that energy is eternal and cannot be created or destroyed; this must surely apply to our physical bodies, which simply change form at so-called death and continue to exist (either merging with the earth if a body is buried, or merging as heat energy with the total energy mass if a body is cremated). So, what about our consciousness?

Well, science has also proved that our thoughts (brainwaves) are electrical pulses. If electricity is energy (which of course it is), it also means that our thoughts (consciousness) are energy, which, yes you’ve guessed it, can neither be created or destroyed and are therefore eternal. So, the concept of eternal life (no pun intended) is a no-brainer!

We don’t die, we only evolve, and we have all the proof we need to support this; so what is there to be sceptical about?

A New Angle On Astral Travelling – Part Two

I have also held the opinion for quite some time that our out-of-body experiences contain messages of guidance for us in the same way that our dreams do.  This is what I meant at the beginning of this article when I said it was being written on the principle that EVERYTHING happens for a reason, right down to the minutest detail.  This is also supported by the fact that whenever I go on an astral journey I am always taken to a specific place; it is never random.  So, with all this in mind I want to deal with the symbolism of the castle-like building made out of red stone.

Earlier that day I had seen a news bulletin announcing that Glasgow Rangers Football Club had gone into administration for millions of pounds of unpaid tax bills.  For those around the world reading this who may not be familiar with British football, Glasgow Rangers are bastions of The Scottish League with a history of over 50 league championships behind them, they have also been victorious on countless occasions in domestic cup competitions.  Over the years a number of Scottish teams have gone to the wall through financial difficulties, but you would never have thought in a million years, that the institution that is Glasgow Rangers, with its glittering history, would have followed suit.  Although the club hasn’t folded, the situation it finds itself in is unprecedented in its history.  Rangers ground is called Ibrox Park and during the bulletin, footage of the exterior of this grand old building was shown.  It just happens to be made of red brick.

My red stone building was symbolic of Ibrox Park and the “fortress” that was Glasgow Rangers FC (the fortress representing the grip that Rangers have had on Sottish football over the years).  The whole point of showing me this scene was as a reminder that everything on the Earth plane has its day and will eventually perish.  A castle is representative of strength and security, but not even the “fortress” that was Rangers FC could continue without going through revolutionary changes.   It’s also a reminder of the futility of putting our faith in “things of the world” because they are only temporary.

As for the muppet-like characters, now that is a strange one, although I do have my theories.  I know that on the astral planes we can “think” ourselves instantly into different forms; and I have first-hand experience of this.  Also, as stated earlier in this article, I honestly believe that all of our thoughts, feelings and actions within the Earth dimension have a knock-on effect that creates for us our own personal little astral world which is representative of where we are on our spiritual pathway.  Now, if the place I was taken to is somewhere that has been created by my consciousness, all I can say is that there sure must be a lot worse places out there in creation.  In all honesty, that place wasn’t half-bad at all.  The musicians really seemed to be enjoying themselves, and the muppet-like characters to me, symbolise child-like enthusiasm.  They also represent the little bit of chaos that continues to rear its head in my life from time to time.  There is also another, much simpler theory that I have, which is that they could just have been souls who looked that way.  Or, they “thought” themselves into those forms knowing it would make me smile and give me something to think about.  I also believe that the purpose of me being exposed to high frequency music was so that I could reap its healing benefits; the healing being received on a level beyond my current comprehension.

Living Without Fear

Do not be afraid of anything.  Even when tossing on a wave in a storm, you are still on the bosom of the ocean.  Always hold on to the consciousness of God’s underlying presence, be of even mind, and say:  “I am fearless; I am made of the substance of God.  I am a spark of the Fire of Spirit.  I am an atom of the cosmic flame.  I am a cell of the vast universal body of the Father.  ‘I and my Father are One’.”

Paramahansa Yogananda

Sailing To Infinity

Looking at this photo reminded me of something.  If you stand looking out to sea it could be that at some stage you will see a ship sailing off into the distance.  “There she goes”.   As the ship continues its journey it appears to get smaller and smaller until it eventually disappears over the horizon.  Now imagine that on a far distant shore there stands someone just like yourself, looking out to sea.  All of a sudden a ship appears on the horizon, ”here she comes”,  and seems to be getting bigger and bigger as it nears the shore.

The ship getting smaller and then bigger again is, of course, an illusion.  At no time during the course of the journey did the size of the ship change.  It may be worth me mentioning to you that what I have just described to you is the cycle of birth and death.  We use our vehilcle, or ship (physical body) to sail from one shore to the other across the ocean of life.  As we leave one dimension with our loved ones seeing us off, ”there he goes”, seemingly diminishing in size, we enter and grow into another, with loved ones welcoming us, ”here he comes”.

At no time during the course of the journey did ”who we really are” grow or diminish in size ; we were always Divine Spirit in all its infinite glory.

The photograph above was very kindly provided by Author and Photographer Janet Beasley of JLB Creatives.  Please follow the link below to access Janet’s blog.  Janet is a featured author at