“I Will Protect You Like The Eyelids Protect The Eyes”

It’s quite common when Sai Baba groups meet up for events etc. that people bring their unwanted spiritual books and Baba-related items so that others may reap the benefits from them.  Normally, the books and photos etc. are placed on a table near the entrance to the hall and anyone can browse and help themselves.  A few years back I availed myself of a few of someone else’s unwanted books and on opening one of them I was amazed to find a photo copy of an A4 sheet of paper with the most incredible words of wisdom from Swami; the original had been hand-written very professionally in a lovely calligraphic style.  On reading the words it was apparent that they were tailor-made especially for me, but specifically, the second paragraph contained the most beautiful and striking statement; “I will protect you like the eyelids protect the eyes”.  I found this to be true on Monday 6 August 2012.

I had been agonizing over recording a CD of mantra chanting.  Nothing wrong with that, but considering that the finished product would be available for sale, it somehow didn’t feel right; a bit like a Christian taking stuff from the Bible and putting it out on Amazon for personal gain.  But I knew that my intentions were good, for reasons not relevant to this post, and I also asked a few friends who confirmed that I should go ahead with it.  So I made arrangements to use DB Studios in Stroud, Gloucestershire here in the UK.  I arranged a recording session with my friend Chris, who is a partner in the studios, for mid-day on Monday 6 August.

Stroud is about ten miles from where I live in Tetbury and I set of at about 11:30 a.m. in great anticipation.  I’d decided on the mantras I was going to record and during the course of the drive to the studios I went through them.  The main reason for this was so that my throat would be warmed up sufficiently for the recording.  I quite often chant whilst driving, but not to this extent.

In between Tetbury and Stroud is the small market town of Nailsworth and the road out of Nailsworth connects direct to Stroud; a distance of about 4 miles.  For the first couple of miles there are a number of industrial units and showrooms at various intervals on the right hand side.  One such showroom sells pine bedroom and garden furniture and is about two miles along the road.  I had just started my second rendition of the mantra Om Purnamadah Purnamidam Purnat Purnamudachyate when I just happened to notice a red car waiting to pull out from the pine showroom onto the main road.  It all happened so quickly but at the same time it seemed like slow motion.  It was as if the driver deliberately waited for me to pass that point before pulling out; but in truth I doubt that he or she even noticed me.

I didn’t even have time to hit the horn but managed to swerve the car to the left and avoid a collision.  Luckily there was room for me to do that.  Had the road been more narrow I may not have been able to.  Of course the whole event took me by surprise, and I won’t say what words were coming out of my mouth at this point, but they were not mantras.  However, I knew that once again The Avatar was at play and I very soon had a big smile on my face as I resumed chanting.  It just goes to show that when you are engaged in God’s work, Divine Spirit will do whatever is necessary to ensure that the work gets done.  This was also further proof for me that my intention to record a mantra CD had received the highest approval.

The recording session went well too and I hope to have the finished product available sometime in October.

For your interest, there is a you tube link below to the mantra Om Purnamadah Purnamidam Purnat Purnamudachyate. It’s truly beautiful and I hope you enjoy it.

5 thoughts on ““I Will Protect You Like The Eyelids Protect The Eyes”

  1. It’s a strange feeling when you know someone/something has intervened. I had a close call myself last year and my car ended up in a ditch – it could have been a lot worse but I really do believe I was being ‘protected’ that day. I’ve only had one other accident and that felt very different. So I can understand how you ended up with that smile on your face Richard – but I bet you were really shaken up! Glad to hear someone was there for you ….. ensuring you got ot that studio!


  2. She’s fast is, Linn, no doubt about it. It is beautiful, Richard. So glad you are here to post it up. The other driver obviously had his/her mind on other things – probably troubles of their own. Nice that you have taken it in such good spirit! 🙂 xx


  3. Was looking for a good recording of this mantra for help with a course I’m on. It was part of our homework for March 2020. I was driving along singing various mantras in the car near NEC Birmingham on my way to a new home in South Wales something I had been planning for months. The removal Van was about 40 minutes ahead of me on the road & I was in more of a hurry than usual to try & make up a little time. Suddenly everything in front of me, the road was busier than I was normally used, started swerving all over the place and I had been aware of a tailgater behind me. However miraculously I managed to break and stop in time taking into account the following tailgater who for some miraculous reason had not been too close at that time despite a rather large furniture van having swerved into the outside lane & come to a halt in front of me. First time anything like this had ever happened despite my constant hours on the road as part of my work over the past 17 years. Although stuck and talking to the Police by Mobile for about 20mins, no one appeared to be hurt & an off duty police office pulled over to help and got us all going again fairly swiftly.. A few days later whilst un packing I found my little box with cards of sayings from my Guru SSB in it and thought I would just pull one out as I had now caught a virus and gone straight into lockdown because of the impending Covid19. It seemed like a wake up call to protect me earlier than others from mingling as my health was already not great. The card said “I will protect you as the lids protect the eyes” Now after being quiet seriously ill for 4/5 weeks I’m catching up with some of my homework having been unfamiliar with my Guru’s interpretation of this particular Mantra. He now hits home as third meaning that I was indeed being looked after all along. AMM.


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