Showcasing Author, Artist And Actress Nancy Wait

On Tuesday and Wednesday 4 and 5 December I am featuring the very unique and inspirational author, artist, actress and radio host Nancy Wait on my blog.  Nancy is a very interesting lady and I’m sure you will enjoy reading about her…


Nancy 2012Nancy Wait was born in Chicago and grew up in New York City. She studied acting at the High School of Performing Arts and Carnegie-Mellon in Pittsburgh. In 1969 she went to London to study at RADA and had a career in England during the 1970s, appearing in film, television and theatre, under the name Nancie Wait. After a spiritual awakening in 1976, she returned to New York and began a second career as a free-lance artist of architectural renderings and portraits. She also painted a series from her imagination, and it was after these she felt impelled to write about her life. Nancy lives in Brooklyn, NY and is currently working on a second memoir about how and why she got into painting and the massive changes it wrought in her life during the 1980s. She is also a Writing Coach and Editor, and has been a host on Blog Talk Radio for many years.

A Synopsis of Nancy’s Book The Nancy Who Drew

Who hasn’t wondered why bad things happen to them? The memoir, “The Nancy Who Drew,” plants a seed of hope that our painful experiences can have a positive outcome when we are willing to see ourselves on more than one level. It is subtitled “The Memoir That Solved A Mystery,” because when Nancy delved deeper into the events that occurred, she discovered several clues that would completely alter her perception of why things happened the way that they did.

The Nancy Who Drew is an inspiring memoir that tells the story of a shy, dreamy girl growing up in New York City in the 50s and 60s. After being cruelly betrayed by her mother, she flees to London to realize her dream of studying at RADA and becoming an actress in England. Upon her return home seven years later, disillusioned with acting and eager to start a new life as a painter, her mother confesses that she conceived Nancy “in revenge for World War II.” Strangely, this resonates with her, as if she has known it all along.

She becomes an artist, exploring her subconscious through drawing and painting. But it isn’t until decades later when she begins to write her story down that she discovers a deeper meaning of the images that have come to her intuitively through painting. When she puts it all together, including childhood drawings of a dead girl and dreams of death, she comes to a new understanding of why she might have “created her reality.” By sifting through the clues in her own life, Nancy learns about a girl who was killed by the Nazis exactly six years and six months before the day before she was born. Is this the girl who haunted her dreams in childhood? Is this the girl on her canvas? If it is, then her own life begins to make sense now. Sometimes the only way to make sense of your life is to remember the one that came before.

Nancy rises from painful experience to become her soul’s intention. Finally, when she connects to a previous death, she comes to know that betrayal is sacred when the heart can encompass the whole.

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Check Nancy out online; connect with her on facebook and follow her on twitter.
Coming tomorrow… The Nancy Wait interview.

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