What’s Happening?

DB StudiosToday I was at DB Studios in Stroud, Glos remastering my CD Healing With The Angels. Because I have now started a job it will be my final project for this year. Up to now Healing With The Angels has only been available directly from me; the original was also recorded at DB Studios, but I have always burnt copies from the master, and done all the packaging myself. This project, however, is particularly exciting for me because I have added a musical backing track, which I played myself on synthesiser, and the finished product will be professionally packaged and available for purchase on Amazon. I expect the manufacturing and proofing process to take 6-8 weeks, so I am looking at a mid-August release.

The original recording, edit and mix back in 2009 and today’s remastering, including the laying down of the backing track, was all engineered by the amazingly skillful Chris Panton. Cheers Chris! You’re a star!

Check out DB Studios http://www.dbstudios.co.uk/

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