What’s Happening?

DB StudiosToday I was at DB Studios in Stroud, Glos remastering my CD Healing With The Angels. Because I have now started a job it will be my final project for this year. Up to now Healing With The Angels has only been available directly from me; the original was also recorded at DB Studios, but I have always burnt copies from the master, and done all the packaging myself. This project, however, is particularly exciting for me because I have added a musical backing track, which I played myself on synthesiser, and the finished product will be professionally packaged and available for purchase on Amazon. I expect the manufacturing and proofing process to take 6-8 weeks, so I am looking at a mid-August release.

The original recording, edit and mix back in 2009 and today’s remastering, including the laying down of the backing track, was all engineered by the amazingly skillful Chris Panton. Cheers Chris! You’re a star!

Check out DB Studios http://www.dbstudios.co.uk/

What’s Hap’nin Man?

Here is an update of what is happening with regard to some exciting projects I am currently working on.

TAJ-Final Version-EBFirstly, I am proud to announce that Wednesday July 3 sees the official launch of The Amazing Journey in paperback. Originally published as Astral Travelling, The Avatar and Me, The Amazing Journey has been completely revamped. There is a brand new cover, some slight rewrites, the manuscript has been re-edited and there is a new chapter, which was written in January 2013. Although the book has actually been available since February this year along with the eBook version on Amazon Kindle, I was not entirely happy with the layout. Now that all outstanding issues with the interior have been resolved I’m going ahead with the official launch.

I’m also currently working on a book called The Avatar Speaks, which is a compilation of inspirational quotes by Sri Sathya Sai Baba. It will be available in paperback only and 100% royalties will be donated to the “end hunger” charity The Extra Guest (see link below). There are also plans for Book Two of Fragments Of Divinity that should be published before the end of the year.


On the CD front, I am back in the amazing DB Studios in Stroud, Glos (see link below) to work on my latest project, which is a revamping of Native American Wisdom. It is a wonderful meditation CD that up to now has only been available directly from me. But I am adding a new backing track (which I played on synthesizer and recorded a few days prior to writing this post) and making it available to buy on Amazon.


Thanks for taking this journey with me.