December Promotions Update 2

Here is the latest update on my December promotions. The next book I’m offering free is Fragments Of Divinity, so if you would like to download a copy just click on the link below that is relevant to you, anytime between 11 and 15 December inclusive. Other news is that I am extending the discount codes for my paperbacks in the Amazon CreateSpace Store by four days, so you will be able to purchase one of my paperbacks at a special reduced price up to 15 December. Finally, the Kindle version of The Amazing Journey will only be free to download from 16-17 December inclusive. Thanks for taking an interest in my work.

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TAJ-Final Version-EBFragments Of Divinity – use code F5N5UY48
The Amazing Journey – use code S2NZZFXD
Inspiration For Breakfast – use code ZVLG5TVA
Wisdom Bytes – use code 59NH5UTG


Inspiration_For_Brea_Cover_for_Kindle(1)FOD New Cover

Happy Bunny

Happy BunnyI must confess to being a very happy bunny! On 9 January, Having ordered a proof copy of my latest CD Mantra For The Soul on 23 October 2012, and having experienced shennanigans with Amazon CreateSpace, it finally arrived. The cover looked great both inside and out, and the label looked great as well; not only that, I played it and all was in order. By way of the cherry on the cake, a consignement of author copies of my book, Inspiration For Breakfast, arrived on the same day. This was particularly pleasing as I only ordered them via snail post on 26 December so I wasn’t expecting them to arrive until well into February.

Yes, I will not deny it, I am a very happy bunny! Check out the link below and also check out the link for Inspiration For Breakfast with the updated cover. To be honest, I don’t know where the expression “happy bunny” comes from, but I don’t care, all I know is that I am one!

Mantra For The Soul Cover




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