A New Year’s Blessing

I’ve never been a great lover of New Year’s Eve and tend to just hibernate until it’s all over.  This year was no different, but at 00:45 a.m., just 45 minutes into 2012 I decided to start the year with a meditation; and what a wonderful meditation it was.  I lit some candles and got comfortable; very quickly blocking out the sound of fireworks from outside.  It wasn’t long before I was enfolded in the most amazing celestial presence.  It was like being covered in candy floss but without the stickiness; the energy was so soft and gentle.  My celestial friend sat next to me and held my hand as I opened my heart and shared my hopes and fears for the coming months.

I have to say that this kind of thing is not uncommon, in fact it’s quite a regular occurrence, and I also have to say that sometimes I do forget just how lucky I really am.  I have experiences on a regular basis that many will only ever dream about, and these experiences are as natural to me as switching on a light or making a cup of tea.

As if I wasn’t blessed enough at the onset of 2012, later in the day I made the trip to Bath to attend New Year bhajans with my friends in the Bath Sai Baba Group.  We had a wonderful shared lunch followed by devotional singing; it really was a lovely afternoon.

Yes I am a very, very lucky man indeed and I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to God for all the blessings I have received over the years, all the blessings I continue to receive today and the many blessings I will receive in the future….. and to you dear reader I would like to wish you a 2012 of peace, health, happiness and golden opportunities.

May God be with you always.