The Journey Continues

859554_3785224328665_1595273250_oHaving not had any significant out-of-body experiences of note since August 2013, I was beginning to wonder when the next one would come along. Then just like London buses, having waited for what seemed like an age for one, two came along in quick succession. Both were quite incredible in their own unique way because they followed the trend of all my significant astral adventures of the past few years, in that they seemed to go that extra bit further in teaching me something new.

At the time of writing it is almost two weeks since the first one. I remember waking up in the night, and as I lay in bed, my third eye became active. I could see what appeared to be a very posh rest room (Yes, that’s what it looked like on the surface, but I don’t think it was) tiled throughout with very pale green tiles. I was laying there looking at this scene playing out within my brow chakra, when I got that familiar feeling I get before an out-of-body experience. I left my body but appeared to return straight away. Then I was off again.

I could feel myself being carried as usual, and as I was enjoying the journey something happened that I had not experienced before. As if I was responding to subconscious commands, I reached around and held my companion’s hand and also turned around to see that I was being carried by a lovely female soul. I have done similar things before but only from conscious thought; this was completely new to me. Her hand felt very soft and smooth.

I remember conversing with her via our thoughts but I cannot remember what was being said. As the journey continued I was aware that we had arrived at a destination and there was the sensation of appearing to be travelling along on what I can only describe as a conveyor belt. As we moved along there was small blue hand towels hanging at intervals on rails on the right hand side, along with small wooden cabinets with drawers; there was no symmetry whatsoever and the whole space seemed cramped but surprisingly comfy. Then we left the conveyor belt and arrived in a corridor.

We were walking one way in among a line of other souls, and there was also a line of souls walking past us in the opposite direction. Again, it all seemed very cramped but comfortable; there was hardly any room at all separating the two lines of souls, but the whole process was very smooth and hassle-free. It seemed like we had arrived in a kind of factory and there was a man in a white coat who seemed to be a supervisor; I ascertained that his name was Merv. My intuition told me that the line I was in was going for a break, and the line walking in the opposite direction were returning from a break. I then asked, what in hindsight, was quite a stupid question. The lady was still walking with me and I asked her if it was true that time doesn’t really exist. I know that time most certainly does not really exist, but my curiosity prompted me to wonder if there was some kind of astral system of time measurement, in the same way that we have seconds, minutes, hours and days etc here on Earth. The lady replied, “it’s ten to one”, which I thought to be a very strange reply. I’m sure there is a deeper meaning in this for me to work out, but the penny hasn’t dropped yet.

We then started to descend down some rather steep stone steps; the stone was very slate-like. We reached the bottom, and just as I was really starting to enjoy myself and really get into the adventure I was back in my body.

Watch this space for the next installment.

Maybe There’s Something Bubbling Under…

Westbury Spiritual Centre 19 November 2013

Westbury Spiritual Centre 19 November 2013

Last night I was working in another town, Westbury to be precise, and I didn’t get home until late. As a result I went to bed late and planned to stay in bed a bit longer this morning. So, I was just a little disappointed when I awoke and realised it was still quite early. I was even more disappointed when I didn’t drop straight back off to sleep again. At some stage the inevitable happened and I entered the limbo state that I know so well now, where I am neither asleep nor awake; and at this point my third eye lit up.

I continued to lay there in anticipation as images of a young girl flashed through my third eye; it was a bit like those early films that worked on the same principle as flicking through the pages of a book at great speed so that the images appeared to be moving. I didn’t know who the girl was but I was enjoying the experience of my brow chakra being active and illuminated. I then felt something else that has become part of the norm over the years; I felt a strong but friendly presence envelop me. Now, you will probably think I am being greedy and over-indulgent, but as my recent spate of out-of-body experiences seems to have dried up I was anxious to get the ball rolling again. So, in an effort to kick-start my astral adventures I did something that I’ve not done before; I asked my companion to lift me from my body and take me on a journey. To my great joy, this is exactly what happened.

Westbury Spiritual Centre 19 November 2013

Westbury Spiritual Centre 19 November 2013

We travelled at speed, with me being held by my unknown friend, and as we did so I pondered what great adventure lay ahead. Or, I thought to myself, would this simply be a case of anti-climax. Sure enough, we reached a destination of sorts, but before I even had a chance to check out the surroundings and give thanks to my friend, I was back in my body (and just a touch disappointed). Those of you who have been following my blog for some time will know that I don’t normally write about every astral experience I have, because I have had so many over the years and some of them literally only last for a few seconds. But the reason I chose to share this one is because in the past when I’ve had some real humdingers, they have occasionally been preceded by very brief and uneventful experiences like this one. It might just be wishful thinking on my part, but maybe there’s something bubbling under…

A Right Cockney Barrel Of Monkeys!

I love that expression, “a right cockney barrel of monkeys”.  For the uninitiated it refers to a can of worms or something complex and baffling.  I heard it for the first time on the Fast Show when they were doing a spoof of Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels.

I thought it would make a good title for a blog post as I’m going to write about a dream/experience I had a few mornings ago that left me scratching my head.

Quite often my dreams take me back to periods in my life that were quite significant for me in terms of learning and life experience etc.  So quite often I am dreaming away when I suddenly realize I’m either back in the army, working for NAAFI or working for the Royal Mail.  Each time I know I’m there but the surroundings are completely alien; but I suppose that’s dreams for you!  Anyway, the other morning I had a really strange one.  I was back working for NAAFI, but for some reason, I was living in a military style dormitory.  I had been away somewhere and when I came back someone had taken my bed space.  But not only that, the dormitory had grown and had become a huge web of dormitories all lumped together.  Also, the individual dormitories had grown bigger and had loads and loads of beds all shoved up against each other.

My bed space had been taken by a very tall Indian man.  He was so tall he must have been twice my size, and I was looking up at him asking him if he knew where my things where.  He acted as if he didn’t want to acknowledge me; just looking at me and looking away again with a kind of subtle contempt.  I remember saying something like “hey, I don’t want the bed back, I just want to know where my things are”.  It was at this point that things got interesting.  I woke up but continued to lay in bed with my eyes closed.

All of a sudden (as happens from time to time in these situations) my brow chakra became illuminated and I could see a larger than life character right there within my third eye.  The best description I could give is that he reminded me of a throw back from a sixties soft-rock band, such as CSN&Y, who reform 100 years later and look old up on stage.  They still have long flowing hair but it’s all grey.  He looked as though he was driving a truck whilst singing or chatting away to himself.  What was strange was that his body language suggested that he was indeed behind the wheel of a truck, but I could see no steering wheel and no cab.  Suddenly I felt something being placed in my hand; and this left me in a bit of a predicament.  It felt oval-shaped, like a bar of soap, but if my feelings were correct and I was having an astral experience, I didn’t want to try to move or open my eyes because I knew I would simply be back in my body and it would be all over.  But, on the other hand, because of the way I was lying, and where my hand was situated, I wasn’t able to use my inner vision either in order to see exactly what it was.  It was quite amazing really; there I was laying in bed holding something oval-shaped that had simply been placed in my hand.  By now my friend had disappeared from my brow chakra and before you could say “right cockney barrel of monkeys” it was all over.

The object didn’t actually feel like soap but that is what sprang to mind because of the shape.  Having said that there is something else that is oval-shaped and is spiritually very significant; a lingham!  Linghams are significant because they are symbolic of the eternal indwelling spirit that has no beginning and no end; hence the oval shape.  When Sai Baba was still in his body he would materialize Linga on Maha Shivaratri; a very auspicious and important day in the Hindu calendar.  They would form in his stomach from the metals naturally present within his body and he would bring them up and out of his mouth.  Some of the Linga were very large in comparison to his tiny frame.  He would also sometimes materialize them from thin air (see video below).

I suppose I will never truly know what it was that was placed in my hand.  I would like to think it was a lingham.  But then again the whole episode could have been nothing more than a right cockney barrel of monkeys!