Arrogance Or Ignorance?

I recently attended a death café in my local area. If you are not familiar with the concept of “Death Café” it is well worth looking up on Google. I attended my first one a year ago this month; they are extremely inspirational events. Very briefly, it works on the principle that death is a very taboo subject for the vast amount of people, rather like the elephant in the room; if you ignore it long enough it will go away. So, death café, is a safe and comfortable space where people can come together, usually with refreshments, and discuss their thoughts and feelings around death and dying. What I personally like about these events is that there is no agenda; all views are valid and they are not religious or bereavement support groups. Depending on the number of attendees, people split into groups and the discussions tend to be very interesting, usually lasting for about an hour.

One lady who was in my group raised something that really got me thinking. She was talking about the cycles of nature and saying that every time she saw the Spring blossom growing on the trees, she always wondered if it would be the last Spring blossom she ever saw, as we never know when our time is going to come.  

That got me thinking about our species in general. Us humans are made of the same stuff as the rest of nature, the universe and beyond. So, if nature moves in cycles before our very eyes, constantly replenishing itself, does it not stand to reason that it is the same for the human race. After all, it has been scientifically proven that you can neither create nor destroy energy, and all of life, all of creation is energy. Why on earth would people think that, “when you are dead you are dead” or that a demonic god is going to cast some of us into eternal paradise and some of us into the eternal fire. Is it arrogance, that we think we are so superior that we have our own laws of physics separate from the rest of creation. Somehow, the universe has given the human race its own set of natural laws in recognition of our “loveliness.” I don’t think so, I think that it is ignorance, the ignorance of who we really are. I think that we succumb to our conditioning from a very early age during each lifetime and that this contributes greatly to our forgetting who we really are. 

It’s all part of the fun I suppose; the fun of remembering. And… for the life of me, I cannot understand why this business of energy (in relation to humans) replenishing itself has never occurred to me before.

Universal Law – An Idiot’s Guide Extract #2

Here are a couple of extracts from my up and coming book Universal Law – An Idiot’s Guide, which as I type, is still on schedule to be published by the end of April. Hope you enjoy!

An Overview of Universal Law – What Exactly Is It?

self realizationUniversal Law is the means by which the universe functions. Also referred to as Spiritual Law, The Laws of the Universe, Natural Law or the Laws of Nature. It is a very precise and finely balanced mechanism that appears on the surface to be extremely complicated, but is in fact very simple.

The laws themselves can be split into three categories, each one a mirror image of the other; but unique nonetheless in its own way.

The first category of Universal Law is the laws that govern how we go about constructing the life we will lead once we take on the physical form. These laws are known as the Foundation Laws, and in the same way that foundations on Earth must be laid before a structure can be erected, so must we lay the Laws of Foundation before we incarnate.

The second category of Universal Law is the Redemption Laws that enable one to resolve outstanding issues from previous births and purify the spirit en route to Self- Realisation.

Finally, the third category of Universal Law is the Progression Laws. These are relevant to the level of progress one makes during each incarnation and ultimately determine if one attains liberation or remains within the cycle of birth and death.

The Law of Miracles

In our humanness we perceive a miracle to be the occurrence of a seemingly impossible event; for example, someone who is paralysed as the result of a terrible accident or debilitating illness, and who has been told they will never walk again, defying all the odds and doing just that. Of course, this is true; however, miracles are all this and much more.

Since the whole 2012 business (see my book Wisdom Bytes ISBN 978-1493614226) millions of people all over the planet are tangibly experiencing their own spiritual awakening, and it is only when we start to awaken that we understand that literally everything is a miracle. Simply being able to breathe or look up into the night sky and gaze upon the stars is truly miraculous. The more spiritually aware we become, the more we realise how the whole of creation is one huge miracle. We realise more and more that all is indeed God, and there is an almighty power beyond the scope of our human minds that is pulling the strings.

But the miracle of miracles is that there is nothing in the universe that is impossible. We only think in terms of the impossible because in our humanness we are unable to detach from the ego (duality) and embrace our Divinity. At the core of the Law of Miracles is the truth, that with an understanding of how creation works, all of us have the power to manifest our own miracles into our lives.