The Journey Continues – Part Two

Here is the account of my out-of-body experience that occurred about a week after the one I wrote about in Part One of “The Journey Continues”. Just in case you did not read my previous post, here is the link; so you can read it before carrying on with this article.

544965_242122179232987_1867947155_nAs usual I awoke in the middle of the night and lay in bed, fully aware but with my eyes closed. I wondered what would happen if I actually requested an out-of-body experience. I’d often pestered my friends in spirit when it seemed I was having to wait ages for my next astral adventure, but I had never actually asked for one whilst laying in bed. To my utmost joy, it was not long before I felt the familiar presence of spirit around me, and before I could blink, I found myself being lifted from my body and carried off into the ether. What followed was a fairly short astral experience, but a very significant one nonetheless. Although I did not actually see who my companion was on this occasion, the energy, plus my intuition, led me to believe that it was the same female soul from the previous week. However, I have no way of knowing if it actually was.

As we travelled at speed, I asked telepathically to be taken somewhere exciting. I also touched my companion’s hand and tried to kiss it, but when my lips met the hand they just passed straight through. I learned something from this, specifically; even though I have known for some time that all energy (spirit) is solid in its own realm of existence, individual intelligences have the ability to be fluid or solid at will. This is one of the many, many things that have been taught to me since my adventures began back in 1999.

In a short space of time we arrived at a very small cinema; there was a few people milling around and a few people seated. It was rather strange as far as cinemas go, because the screen was the portable type that people used to play their home movies on. This truly was something new for me, being taken to an astral cinema. But in no time at all we were off and I was back in my bed but not in my body. What happened next was also a first, and quite incredible experience.

My companion lay with me for a while before departing. She lay behind me and continued to hold me as she lay with me. I still could not see who it was, but this wonderful soul felt very soft, and even though I can only describe the whole experience as very loving, it was not sexual in any way. It was simply the coming together of two souls who have obviously known each other for eons.

I don’t know what film was showing and there was no popcorn; but hey! I’m not complaining!


The Journey Continues

859554_3785224328665_1595273250_oHaving not had any significant out-of-body experiences of note since August 2013, I was beginning to wonder when the next one would come along. Then just like London buses, having waited for what seemed like an age for one, two came along in quick succession. Both were quite incredible in their own unique way because they followed the trend of all my significant astral adventures of the past few years, in that they seemed to go that extra bit further in teaching me something new.

At the time of writing it is almost two weeks since the first one. I remember waking up in the night, and as I lay in bed, my third eye became active. I could see what appeared to be a very posh rest room (Yes, that’s what it looked like on the surface, but I don’t think it was) tiled throughout with very pale green tiles. I was laying there looking at this scene playing out within my brow chakra, when I got that familiar feeling I get before an out-of-body experience. I left my body but appeared to return straight away. Then I was off again.

I could feel myself being carried as usual, and as I was enjoying the journey something happened that I had not experienced before. As if I was responding to subconscious commands, I reached around and held my companion’s hand and also turned around to see that I was being carried by a lovely female soul. I have done similar things before but only from conscious thought; this was completely new to me. Her hand felt very soft and smooth.

I remember conversing with her via our thoughts but I cannot remember what was being said. As the journey continued I was aware that we had arrived at a destination and there was the sensation of appearing to be travelling along on what I can only describe as a conveyor belt. As we moved along there was small blue hand towels hanging at intervals on rails on the right hand side, along with small wooden cabinets with drawers; there was no symmetry whatsoever and the whole space seemed cramped but surprisingly comfy. Then we left the conveyor belt and arrived in a corridor.

We were walking one way in among a line of other souls, and there was also a line of souls walking past us in the opposite direction. Again, it all seemed very cramped but comfortable; there was hardly any room at all separating the two lines of souls, but the whole process was very smooth and hassle-free. It seemed like we had arrived in a kind of factory and there was a man in a white coat who seemed to be a supervisor; I ascertained that his name was Merv. My intuition told me that the line I was in was going for a break, and the line walking in the opposite direction were returning from a break. I then asked, what in hindsight, was quite a stupid question. The lady was still walking with me and I asked her if it was true that time doesn’t really exist. I know that time most certainly does not really exist, but my curiosity prompted me to wonder if there was some kind of astral system of time measurement, in the same way that we have seconds, minutes, hours and days etc here on Earth. The lady replied, “it’s ten to one”, which I thought to be a very strange reply. I’m sure there is a deeper meaning in this for me to work out, but the penny hasn’t dropped yet.

We then started to descend down some rather steep stone steps; the stone was very slate-like. We reached the bottom, and just as I was really starting to enjoy myself and really get into the adventure I was back in my body.

Watch this space for the next installment.

Out Of This World

210701_3084350927268_403613210_oIn recent months this blog has attracted a number of new followers, so I thought I would wind the clock back a bit for the benefit of my new friends and recap on why I blog and the things I blog about. Essentially, I write about spirituality, spiritual subjects, and in the main, my own actual life experiences. I also like to write articles that contain messages of inspiration and upliftment. In recent months I have introduced the “Ricky’s Raw Recipes” series, (mainly because my spiritual experiences dried up and I needed to write about something!) but even though those articles are just a tad tongue-in-cheek, they are nonetheless valid, informative; and the juices themselves are very nutritional and detoxifying. However, the subject I’m going to concentrate on for the purpose of this article is out-of-body experiences and astral travel.

Back in the late 1990s I started to have strange experiences in the middle of the night; quite often these experiences would involve the sensation of being pinned down and unable to move (this is also a common symptom of psychic attack). At the time I was in a very dark place; I’d suffered with depression for years and also had a penchant for alcohol, which took me down into the pits. At some stage I went to seek advice from a lady medium, in Swindon, where I was living at the time. She explained that I was experiencing the first stages of astral travelling and that I should allow myself to go with the flow instead of resisting; she also said that I would enjoy it.

Inevitably, soon after the meeting with the medium I experienced that old familiar sensation in the middle of the night. This time I allowed myself to be taken on what turned out to be the first of many amazing journeys. Since those early days I have now had so many astral adventures that it would be impossible to say how many. This is something that I didn’t go looking for; it’s something that came looking for me and I’m so grateful. The pattern always used to be the same. I would wake in the middle of the night and be unable to get back to sleep. After what seemed like an age of tossing and turning I would enter a kind of limbo state; neither awake nor asleep, and it was at this point that I would get taken from my body and embark on an amazing experience. Yes, you did read that correctly; I get taken from my body, and in astral form, I am taken on the most incredible journeys. I know they are not dreams because they are all tangible experiences (although sometimes they are preceded by dreams) and on one occasion I even came back with an astral bruise.

I never know who the souls that carry me off are; I just trust them. In the early days there were a few hiccups and on a few occasions I became quite stroppy and demanded to be back in my body. These days however, the journey is always extremely smooth and the astral experiences themselves seem to be constantly evolving and becoming even more incredible.

In the early days I very quickly learned that I could will myself to move in any direction I wanted once I had reached my astral destination. I also very quickly learned to pass through solid objects. Incredibly, the experience sometimes becomes a bit tedious, and when this happens, I’m able to will myself back into my body. There was only one occasion during the last 14 years or so when I found it difficult to get back.

I’m sure you will all be very happy to hear that once we are free of the physical body we are also free of stress, strain, worry and any other negative feeling you may be able to think of. It is a sensation of complete and utter freedom and it proves to me beyond a shadow of a doubt that life within the Earth dimension really is nothing more than an elaborate illusion. Please feel free to ask me any questions you want!

I wish you all love, light and peace.

Operation Caravan

TruthtLittle did I know when I embarked on my working trip to West Wales recently that I would have one of the most incredible out-of-body experiences I’ve ever had. Keeping in line with my recent astral adventures this one was very short, but extremely significant.

I had been staying with my great friends, The Dunn Family, in the village of Oakford, Llanarth. The Dunns have a Bed and Breakfast establishment and a holiday cottage. I know them from my time living in the area, when Kath, the lady of the house, saw one of my ads and called me to arrange a private reading for her daughter. We have maintained contact since I moved back to England, and they very kindly let me stay with them when I’m working in the area, treating me like one of the family in the process. I stayed in one of the rooms in the house, but on the Friday they had a full quota of guests arriving for a local wedding, so other arrangements had to be made. I was moving on to a new location on the Saturday so I only needed to stay for one more night. Andrew, the son, has a caravan on the grounds and he very kindly let me sleep in it.

During the early hours of Saturday morning I found myself dreaming, but I have no idea what the dream was about. At some stage I felt a hand on me; it was either on my stomach or holding my right hand, which was resting on my stomach. I cannot remember exactly but I just know it was one or the other. At this stage I was still half asleep but I decided to grab the hand and hold onto it; It was as solid as you dear reader! I sent out thoughts of gratitude to the soul who was with me. As I was thanking this soul for its presence, I suddenly realised that there was in fact several souls around me, although I could not see them. Then the most incredible thing happened.

Just as I realised I was out of my body, one of the other souls performed a spiritual operation on me. A surgical instrument was inserted into the left-hand side of my lower abdomen; I felt no pain, just momentary discomfort. Immediately the instrument was removed I felt myself return to my body. As I did so my third eye was illuminated and I was able to see several celestial beings in female form leaving the scene. It was as if they deliberately flew over me and away so that I could see them, as opposed to simply flying away.

The whole incident lasted for no more than a few seconds. These experiences are commonplace for me now, but I’ve never been operated on before whilst out-of-body.

Anyone else had anything similar???