Astro Man

Over the last year or so my out of body experiences have been fleeting to say the least.  I’ve had very few, and the ones I’ve had have been so uneventful that I have not felt the necessity to write about them.  However, during the early hours of the morning of August 7 I experienced what I hope will be the tip of the iceberg of a new series of astral adventures…. oh how I’ve missed them.

I was aware of a very powerful energy around me as I lay in bed, and after a few moments I felt the familiar sensation of being lifted from my body and then travelling at speed through the darkness.  I made a point of not trying to have a peek at my companion because I didn’t want to do anything that would hinder the experience [during the early years whenever I tried looking around to see who my companion was it automatically triggered a return to my body].  Over the years we seemed to overcome this problem, but nonetheless I wasn’t going to take any chances; after all, this was my first astral experience in a while and I wanted to enjoy it.

We continued to travel at a great speed for a short while, and then I felt myself slowing down.  As we came to a halt there was a young girl waiting; she communicated by way of her smile.  I acknowledged her, and within a split second I was back in my body.  I was disappointed that my first astral journey for some months had ended so quickly but at the same time I was very grateful for having had the experience.

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