The Astral Adventure Of A Lifetime

Just when I thought my days of incredible astral adventures were over I’m blessed with the mother of all out-of-body experiences; if ever anything was worth waiting for, this most certainly was.

As in most cases it started as a dream, and not a very nice one, although not a
nightmare.  The dream seemed to be centred on “basements”; and dark ones at that.  At one point I found myself trying to clamber through a ground level window in order to get into a basement.  The window was very narrow in height so I couldn’t struggle through, but width-wise it was more than long enough for my body.  The reason I needed to clamber through was because a bomb was about to go off, although I didn’t see this bomb at any point.  As dreams do, this one shifted, and I found myself in a dark basement where someone had stuck a pin in me.  I think I pulled this pin out, but there was someone else whom I couldn’t see in the darkness who was not only trying to stick more pins in me, but also inject me.  I was trying to keep this person at arm’s length and we seemed to take a tumble in the darkness.  At this point I woke up but kept my eyes closed.

In my wakened state I was aware of the familiar feeling of being enfolded in a spirit presence.  I was kind of hoping that I would now be taken on a journey, but I wasn’t holding my breath, given the length of time since my last significant experience.  But I suddenly felt myself being carried off, and as is the norm when this happens, I sent out my thoughts to my companion expressing my gratitude.  The journey seemed to go on for a while and when I was eventually dropped off I initially felt a bit disappointed.  The journey had been so smooth but it seemed that I had been taken for a ride only to arrive straight back in my body.  But I very quickly became pleasantly surprised.  What made me think that I was straight back in my body was the continued darkness.  But through this darkness I could just about make out someone coming towards me and I knew then that I had been taken to a specific destination.  I could not make out this person’s face but they took my hand and led me into the darkness; and I followed in child-like innocence.

We arrived at what looked like the entrance to a classroom.  There was a lot of activity; people milling around and comings and goings etc.  What happened next was truly wonderful.

People seemed to be greeting each other with short hugs and kisses on the cheek.  A young white male soul passed by on his way into the classroom and insisted (not in an aggressive way) that I kiss him on the cheek.  I did this and noticed that although he was extremely active and energetic, there did not appear to be any warmth or emotion; it was almost mechanical.  However, a fair-skinned black lady; very slender and beautiful, appeared from nowhere, came straight up to me and greeted me (calling me by name), she gave me a hug and kissed me on the cheek saying how great it was to see me.  I felt a very deep spiritual connection to her as if I’d known her forever, but it happened so fast and she disappeared into the classroom.  I was then engaged in conversation with another darker black lady, and after we exchanged pleasantries, I said to her something like “you do realise I haven’t got a clue what’s going on here don’t you”.  She acknowledged this, and even though we were communicating via telepathy, she opened her mouth to reveal the strangest looking teeth I’ve ever seen.

Another black lady who seemed to know me appeared.  We greeted and I remember telling her how good she looked.  She said I was looking good as well, radiating many different colours.  Even in my out-of-body state this made me think, because even though I could see and touch all other souls present, I could not see my own astral form.  I can’t remember exactly what I said to her next, but after she told me I was radiating many colours I told her that I had some sort of defect or dis-ease going on at the moment.  I got the impression that she was a kind of therapist because in a really matter-of-fact way she said we could carry out some sort of healing process to correct it.  Now I can’t remember her exact words but I think she said something like “that’s ok we can carry out a criminal treatment if you want” and she was nodding in the affirmative as she said it. Now the use of the word “criminal” here (if indeed that is what she said) is not in the same context as we would use it within the Earth dimension.  It refers to something that can be likened to a “spiritual bug” that finds its way into us and causes reactions that are not in line with our soul purpose or spiritual pathway.  Oh by the way, whatever it is I’ve got, I take full responsibility and acknowledge that somewhere along the way I’ve done it to myself.

I felt a great closeness with the souls in the classroom, especially the two black ladies who obviously knew me very well.  But the feelings I had for these two very beautiful ladies were not of a sexual nature.  They were feelings of a great depth and love of spirit that you only get when you have known someone for eternity; and they both seemed to know me inside out.  But I felt a great affinity with everyone; it was as though this was a regular gathering, and I soon realised exactly what the purpose of the class was.

I noticed that all the greetings that had been going on, between everyone, not just myself, seemed to be rather gushing and over-the-top (with the exception of the light-skinned black lady who hugged and kissed me on the cheek).  I also noticed whilst engaging with the other black lady, the therapist, that I was feeling a very definite emotion.  Now in the past during out-of-body experiences I’ve never been aware of any defined emotion apart from the pure love of spirit.  What I mean by defined emotion is this.  Normally as we go about life we are quite oblivious to a lot of our emotions because we are so wrapped up in the earthly state of illusion.  So, unless we are feeling particularly elated or sad we won’t necessarily be aware of our emotions; and in most cases will be oblivious when we are feeling emotions such as resentment, jealousy, greed etc. because they just blend in with our other thoughts and feelings.  But I was aware of a definite feeling of pride; the pride that is very much ego attached and not the justified sense of pride you get for yourself or a loved one that comes with having achieved something worthwhile, for example.

Yes, it occurred to me that I was part of a class that taught freedom of ego, and what everyone was doing was unloading their earthbound ego within the astral realms where it could cause no harm.  It all makes perfect sense; everyone present seemed to have a great sense of purpose, even the young white male who wanted me to kiss him on the cheek.  We were all students having one of our regular get-togethers.  That would explain the great feeling of togetherness.

Just as I was really enjoying myself I felt that all too familiar, and disappointing,
feeling of returning to my body.  I just lay there in bed for a while pondering my wonderful experience with amazing friends and thinking how truly blessed I am.
Oh thank you my loving God for a wonderful life.

6 thoughts on “The Astral Adventure Of A Lifetime

  1. Wow, that was some experience! I once had something similar happen to me. Also remember being in a meeting place with lots of other loving souls ( who were also astral traveling) and we were all conversing about a life challenge that we all shared, comparing notes, etc. I remember not wanting to leave but having a guide I couldn’t see, envelop me in pure love and bring me back to my body with a whoosh. The euphoric feeling of love I experienced is something I’ve never felt in my waking life. Thanks for sharing, Rich!


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