Always Expect The Unexpected

616828_3084981623035_2102591458_oA ridiculous statement really; how can you expect something that is unexpected? But, the unexpected did happen to me during the early hours of this morning. I call it the unexpected because it was something that I came to expect, as it was a semi-frequent occurrence, but then ended up wondering if it was ever going to happen to me again. Anyway… I’m aware that I’m rambling; I am, of course, talking about an out-of-body experience. Yes, apart from two very short excursions into the astral realms in the past nine months or so, I have been pretty redundant in that department. I chose not to write about the two aforementioned experiences because, aside from being quite short, they were also quite strange and I had a job getting my head around things. So, I took the decision to confine them to the archives of imaginary time.

My experience of this morning was also a little bit of an anti-climax but I am still going to share it with the world. Hey, can you believe that? I went on an astral journey and I’m describing it as an anti-climax. My, how times have changed. I remember how it was when I first started to experience this phenomenon; and now it would appear that I am turning my nose up if I am not suitably stimulated during the proceedings. How ungrateful can a man get? In truth, I have experienced so much over the years that I am fully aware that I have a much different reality to most people. Anyway, on with the story.

As is the case 99% of the time it started with a dream; then all of a sudden I realised I was out of my body, wide awake and on the move. For the first time ever I found myself being carried from the front. I sent out thoughts of gratitude to my companion and waited with bated breath to see what was going to occur. I was aware of entering a very old building and could just about make out some really old brick-work as we entered. I was still very much in the dark at this stage but I got a short but very clear glimpse of a building that would not have been out-of-place in an old black and white horror film. I should add here that this is simply my way of describing it and at no time did I feel that I was going to meet my doom, and I never felt threatened in any way. As we emerged from the darkness my companion set me down in a kind of narrow corridor. It was then that I got a good look at my young friend. In earthly terms I would describe him as being in his late teens to early twenties, he was wearing a yellow top and was quite fresh-faced.

We made our way down the corridor and my friend allowed me to lead the way. To the right I noticed a small room without a door and there was a very strange-looking character in there crouching down as though he was doing some kinds of exercises. I also noticed a rather flat looking dog laying on the floor of the corridor as we continued down. There was another room with no door a little further down on the right where I glimpsed two more strange-looking characters. My first thought was to think that these souls really needed help. But when I pondered this later on I came to the conclusion that I only thought this because in my human-ness I have great difficulty thinking outside the box, and it is a common human failing to believe that something or somebody may not be as it should be simply because it or they do not fit our idea of what is supposedly normal or right.

I continued down and paused to glance back just in time to see my companion disappear down through a bolt hole on the left hand side. This is quite normal; I’m assuming that my astral helpers are only permitted to accompany me so far for “reasons of the soul”. I did however manage to thank him again and say goodbye before he disappeared.

The next bit is quite difficult to describe but I shall do my best. I carried on and soon came to a point where the corridor veered off at a slight angle to the right, and in front of me, up above there was a gap between the wall and ceiling which was covered by a flap that looked like a piece of basic white sheet. I could see through the gap between the wall and sheet and it looked like an old fashioned barrack room on the other side. I now had to make a decision; do I carry on down the corridor or do I float up through the flap and see what’s beyond. Strangely, without making a conscious decision, I simply floated up and through the white sheet. On the other side, immediately on the right, was a couple of old-style army-type bunk beds. I should also add at this point that the whole complex of corridor and barrack room seemed as though it was underground.

I just floated on past the bunk beds and realised that the whole place was open plan and quite huge. There was a lot of souls wearing military-style uniforms, but they did not bat an eyelid as I floated past above their heads. I realised too that the area where the bunk beds were sited was actually quite small; probably a rest area, and as I made my way out into the open space it seemed more like a huge workshop, or even an aircraft hanger. Even though it looked decidedly military I was not surprised to note that there was not a single gun in sight; astral weapons simply don’t exist. Of course, my assuming that this was some kind of military area could also have something to do with not being able to think outside the box; this is simply how it looked to me.

Just as I was really looking forward to exploring I got that all too familiar feeling, and within what seemed like a micro-second, I was back in my body. So, as far as astral adventures goes it wasn’t that eventful. Did I really just say that? You must think I’m REALLY spoiled… well I am… AND extremely lucky.

Trance Mediumship – What’s The Point?

I suppose the title sounds a bit cynical, probably because there is a hint of cynicism cunningly inserted into it, but there is a reason for my cynicism.  For the uninitiated trance mediumship is when a medium allows a dis-carnate soul to overshadow/enter their physical body, take over their voice box and then speak through them.  Theoretically, the spirit guide, or whomever the communicating soul may be, then proceeds to speak words of wisdom and enlightenment.  That all sounds pretty good, however, we live in changing times and to me, this is just one of many examples of how UK Spiritualism remains firmly rooted in the past.  I will now endeavour to qualify this statement by offering my reasons for holding this view.

We need to understand that the human race, and indeed our wonderful planet, is going through a shift at this moment in time.  It should also be said that it is only the spiritually un-aware who are not able to feel these changes that are taking place as I type.  I mention this because we are fast heading towards a new Golden Age; and people all over the planet are going through an awakening that is very tangible in its process.  People all over the planet are waking up to who they really are and coming to the realisation that what we are all seeking has all the time been closer than our very finger tips, and has indeed been nestling within our own hearts.  We also need to understand that ALL form, without exception, both in this realm and the astral realms, is an illusion.

Now, this “thing” that we have all been searching for, i.e. “the bliss that passes all understanding” or God, if you like, which is our true nature, is also an infinite ocean of love, wisdom and truth.  To be more precise, this God-ness is actually all these things rolled into one.  Having established this it is now apparent that there is no reason whatsoever for anyone anywhere to want to allow the likes of “Auntie Doris” or “Big Chief Tomahawk” the spirit guide (who isn’t even a real Red Indian anyway) to take over their voice box and speak in a funny voice and maybe do a bit of hand waving in the process.  What I mean is, that what is contained within the illusion of our physical form is all-knowing and wisdom personified, therefore if we are now awakening to this truth is it not the most logical, practical and simple thing in the world to just tap into this source of inner joy and take from it what we need to enhance our own lives and the lives of others?  Illusion will always dissolve and fade away when faced with truth, so if we are now waking up to our truth what further purpose could trance mediumship possibly serve?

What purpose does it serve to have another soul, who may or may not be as evolved as we are, take over our physical body and use our voice box to speak, when we have something within us that is far more profound?  We also need to understand that everything we see is just an opinion, meaning that we all view the world from our own perspective and vision; and we have already established that all form is an illusion.  This would suggest that not only is Big Chief Tomahawk not a real Red Indian, but the Uncle Charlies and Auntie Mabels of the astral planes didn’t actually exist here on Earth in the way that we remember; what we saw of them was just our opinion at the time.

I don’t write with cynicism in order to be insulting or disrespectful in any way, but I find that it enables me to simplify my writing and put things over in ways that people can understand, and I’m afraid that I find the whole Spiritualism thing so outdated.  It seems to imply that we will find what we are looking for externally, yet nothing could be further from the truth.  I have always accepted that we all need to start somewhere, but once you have established a platform from which to work you need to evolve, and Spiritualism just doesn’t do this; It’s the same old same old.  It seeks to prove survival after physical death, and I believe it does this admirably, but it doesn’t do anything else; for heaven’s sake, just how many times do we need to be told that Auntie Doris baked cakes and liked her garden????

Never in a million years will we find the peace that passes all understanding when we look outside of ourselves.  A medium cannot tell us anything that is going to take away our worries, fears and troubles; only mind control via inner enquiry can do that, and the whole concept of trance mediumship implies that we have to rely on another party separate from ourselves to provide guidance.  You the reader, you yourself are God and all the knowledge you will ever need, you have already.  Anyone that we look to for guidance can, at the most, only point us in the direction of ourselves.

Do not be content with the empty shells washed up on the shore, instead dive deep into the ocean and collect the pearls of wisdom – Sri Sathya Sai Baba

In summary I would like to say that I accept wholeheartedly that there is a need for people who have no spiritual understanding to come to the realisation that there is no death, and that those they love have in fact simply stepped out of the body into another dimension.  My biggest gripe with Spiritualism is that it doesn’t seem to move beyond this point, although I also accept that many people still believe that death actually exists and need the comfort that Spiritualism provides.  However, it should also be understood that the mind, ego and senses will always trick us into looking at the world from the perspective of duality.  When we are awake we transcend the mind, ego and senses and therefore view the world from the perspective of “Oneness”, which is truth.  Bearing this in mind and going back to the title of this article “Trance Mediumship – What’s The Point”; who can actually speak through us?  From the perspective of Oneness, no one but ourselves.

A New Angle On Astral Travelling

I awoke this morning at about 06.40 a.m., and on going back to sleep, I had a dream (which was the usual strange affair) which led to an out-of-body experience.  The thing about this astral journey though, is that it has made me look at things from a different angle.  Now before I go any further I just want to say that this article isn’t meant to be set in stone, it’s just my personal theory that I concluded because of the strangeness of the experience.

I’m not even going to bother trying to relate the dream because it was one of those typical dreams where nothing makes sense and you find yourself in some kind of ridiculous scenario.  But as the dream was tapering off, and just before I was aware of being out of my body, I can remember running in near darkness.  I was alone, and at regular intervals I encountered dogs.  Running towards dogs in almost total darkness didn’t seem very clever but I then became aware that, as I met the dogs head on, I could run in the air above them, thus avoiding any confrontation.  All of a sudden I was travelling at terrific speed in total darkness and I was wide awake; aware also that I was being carried.

As we slowed down and entered into daylight I could see to my left a magnificent old-looking building.  It was in the design of a castle, but it was like one of the many old buildings we have in the UK that have been made to resemble castles but have never actually been castles.  There is one in Cirencester, about 10 miles from where I live, that is an annexe of Cirencester College.  This one was made out of red stone and I noticed that it was “outside”, meaning that my companion and I had entered a building and as we were slowing down I could see this magnificent castle-like structure through the huge glass panelled windows.

The area we entered was quite busy and it looked like a cross between a hall and a large reception area.  There was what looked like the kind of reception desk you would get in a hotel, but it was large and open planned.  All around this reception-type area was the most beautiful ornamental glass.  It was the colour of highly polished rose quartz, but translucent.  I say “the colour of rose quartz”, but in reality the colour was not what you would see on the Earth plane.  There were pieces of glass of all shapes and sizes, and all were incredibly beautiful.  Next to the reception there was an area where a band was playing; they were definitely playing but I could hear no music.  The strange thing was that some of the band members looked like they could have been characters from the muppet show on TV.  They were definitely not animals, they just looked strange and reminded me of the muppets.  As we came down to land a soul crossed our path, a tall male soul with fair hair, and he just looked at us quite blankly and carried on walking.  We landed right across the other side of the hall to where we had entered and seemed to have the spot to ourselves.  As my companion put me down I turned to see that it was a male soul who (in earthly terms) looked as though he was in his 40’s, he had grey hair and was of medium build and height.  Even though I did not recognise him, I’ve done this enough times now to know that there will be some connection between us, that I will not be aware of because I only have my earthbound memory whilst in this physical body.  I thanked him and said “good to see you”.  He said to me “what do you want to do”.

As we stood interacting I noticed a long corridor going off from the opposite corner, diagonally, from where we came in.  For some reason, that remains a mystery, I answered him in a half-hearted manner; it was as if a part of me knew it wasn’t to be.

So, instead of saying to him “I want to explore, show me around, what’s down the corridor” etc. I didn’t even get my half-hearted reply out of my mouth, and I was back in my body in bed.  When I came back down to Earth and started to analyse the experience I was totally baffled; what with muppet characters and being half-hearted about wanting to explore.  So, after a great deal of thought I have come up with the following theory, which works on the principle that literally EVERYTHING happens for a reason.

Firstly, and I have encountered this before but never given it much thought, why could I hear no music even though the band were clearly playing very enthusiastically?  My feelings are that because this was the astral planes, where the vibration is higher than the vibration on the Earth plane, the frequency of the music coming from the instruments must have been beyond my hearing range.  I may have been in astral form but I was still technically earthbound, and therefore I would not have been attuned to hear it.

I have felt for some time now that every astral journey I have has a specific purpose.  I also know that we exist on many levels simultaneously.  Now, we know that our thoughts create our lives, and we also know that beyond the realm of matter our thoughts materialize as our reality instantaneously.  So my theory is that even though we may be in a physical body within the Earth dimension, our thoughts and actions can have an instantaneous knock-on effect within our astral existence.  It’s obvious that we DO exist at an astral level simultaneously because our astral form is encased within our physical form.  The previous day I had been in a neighbour’s house trying to help her with a computer problem, and in the house there had been a number of glass ornaments, some of which were a similar colour to rose quartz.  One piece in particular had been quite beautiful.  I feel that my fascination with this glass created a “thought impression” that materialized within the astral world of “semi-matter”.  I honestly feel that we are not only creating our lives here, but we are also creating a kind of “personal astral world” all of our own at the same time.

I also feel that when my companion said to me “what do you want to do”, it wasn’t because he was going to show me around, it was because he DID show me around.  I really do believe that even though I came back to my body, an aspect of me remained in that place and most certainly did get the tour.  I know this all sounds crazy, but we have to remember that not only is earthly life illusory, but also astral life is illusory, because the astral planes are simply a stepping stone back to source.

I am going to finish for now because I don’t want this article to get too complicated.  But I haven’t finished.  There is the significance of the red stone building and the muppet characters to decipher yet.  God bless and stay tuned.

The Astral Adventure Of A Lifetime

Just when I thought my days of incredible astral adventures were over I’m blessed with the mother of all out-of-body experiences; if ever anything was worth waiting for, this most certainly was.

As in most cases it started as a dream, and not a very nice one, although not a
nightmare.  The dream seemed to be centred on “basements”; and dark ones at that.  At one point I found myself trying to clamber through a ground level window in order to get into a basement.  The window was very narrow in height so I couldn’t struggle through, but width-wise it was more than long enough for my body.  The reason I needed to clamber through was because a bomb was about to go off, although I didn’t see this bomb at any point.  As dreams do, this one shifted, and I found myself in a dark basement where someone had stuck a pin in me.  I think I pulled this pin out, but there was someone else whom I couldn’t see in the darkness who was not only trying to stick more pins in me, but also inject me.  I was trying to keep this person at arm’s length and we seemed to take a tumble in the darkness.  At this point I woke up but kept my eyes closed.

In my wakened state I was aware of the familiar feeling of being enfolded in a spirit presence.  I was kind of hoping that I would now be taken on a journey, but I wasn’t holding my breath, given the length of time since my last significant experience.  But I suddenly felt myself being carried off, and as is the norm when this happens, I sent out my thoughts to my companion expressing my gratitude.  The journey seemed to go on for a while and when I was eventually dropped off I initially felt a bit disappointed.  The journey had been so smooth but it seemed that I had been taken for a ride only to arrive straight back in my body.  But I very quickly became pleasantly surprised.  What made me think that I was straight back in my body was the continued darkness.  But through this darkness I could just about make out someone coming towards me and I knew then that I had been taken to a specific destination.  I could not make out this person’s face but they took my hand and led me into the darkness; and I followed in child-like innocence.

We arrived at what looked like the entrance to a classroom.  There was a lot of activity; people milling around and comings and goings etc.  What happened next was truly wonderful.

People seemed to be greeting each other with short hugs and kisses on the cheek.  A young white male soul passed by on his way into the classroom and insisted (not in an aggressive way) that I kiss him on the cheek.  I did this and noticed that although he was extremely active and energetic, there did not appear to be any warmth or emotion; it was almost mechanical.  However, a fair-skinned black lady; very slender and beautiful, appeared from nowhere, came straight up to me and greeted me (calling me by name), she gave me a hug and kissed me on the cheek saying how great it was to see me.  I felt a very deep spiritual connection to her as if I’d known her forever, but it happened so fast and she disappeared into the classroom.  I was then engaged in conversation with another darker black lady, and after we exchanged pleasantries, I said to her something like “you do realise I haven’t got a clue what’s going on here don’t you”.  She acknowledged this, and even though we were communicating via telepathy, she opened her mouth to reveal the strangest looking teeth I’ve ever seen.

Another black lady who seemed to know me appeared.  We greeted and I remember telling her how good she looked.  She said I was looking good as well, radiating many different colours.  Even in my out-of-body state this made me think, because even though I could see and touch all other souls present, I could not see my own astral form.  I can’t remember exactly what I said to her next, but after she told me I was radiating many colours I told her that I had some sort of defect or dis-ease going on at the moment.  I got the impression that she was a kind of therapist because in a really matter-of-fact way she said we could carry out some sort of healing process to correct it.  Now I can’t remember her exact words but I think she said something like “that’s ok we can carry out a criminal treatment if you want” and she was nodding in the affirmative as she said it. Now the use of the word “criminal” here (if indeed that is what she said) is not in the same context as we would use it within the Earth dimension.  It refers to something that can be likened to a “spiritual bug” that finds its way into us and causes reactions that are not in line with our soul purpose or spiritual pathway.  Oh by the way, whatever it is I’ve got, I take full responsibility and acknowledge that somewhere along the way I’ve done it to myself.

I felt a great closeness with the souls in the classroom, especially the two black ladies who obviously knew me very well.  But the feelings I had for these two very beautiful ladies were not of a sexual nature.  They were feelings of a great depth and love of spirit that you only get when you have known someone for eternity; and they both seemed to know me inside out.  But I felt a great affinity with everyone; it was as though this was a regular gathering, and I soon realised exactly what the purpose of the class was.

I noticed that all the greetings that had been going on, between everyone, not just myself, seemed to be rather gushing and over-the-top (with the exception of the light-skinned black lady who hugged and kissed me on the cheek).  I also noticed whilst engaging with the other black lady, the therapist, that I was feeling a very definite emotion.  Now in the past during out-of-body experiences I’ve never been aware of any defined emotion apart from the pure love of spirit.  What I mean by defined emotion is this.  Normally as we go about life we are quite oblivious to a lot of our emotions because we are so wrapped up in the earthly state of illusion.  So, unless we are feeling particularly elated or sad we won’t necessarily be aware of our emotions; and in most cases will be oblivious when we are feeling emotions such as resentment, jealousy, greed etc. because they just blend in with our other thoughts and feelings.  But I was aware of a definite feeling of pride; the pride that is very much ego attached and not the justified sense of pride you get for yourself or a loved one that comes with having achieved something worthwhile, for example.

Yes, it occurred to me that I was part of a class that taught freedom of ego, and what everyone was doing was unloading their earthbound ego within the astral realms where it could cause no harm.  It all makes perfect sense; everyone present seemed to have a great sense of purpose, even the young white male who wanted me to kiss him on the cheek.  We were all students having one of our regular get-togethers.  That would explain the great feeling of togetherness.

Just as I was really enjoying myself I felt that all too familiar, and disappointing,
feeling of returning to my body.  I just lay there in bed for a while pondering my wonderful experience with amazing friends and thinking how truly blessed I am.
Oh thank you my loving God for a wonderful life.

Aliens Ate My Grandmother – 2012 The Sequel

So, just what IS going to happen in 2012?  I suppose the truthful answer is that we don’t know exactly because we have not experienced it yet.  However, we all have our theories; and I am no exception, hence I am sharing my musings with you now.  Personally, I can’t wait for 2012 to come; and it will be very interesting for me approximately 14 months from now as I’m sitting in my nuclear fallout shelter reading this, because I will then know just how accurate my theory was/is.  Hey!  Only joking OK…. there will be no need for nuclear fallout shelters, so don’t panic.

So, is it going to be another millennium bug?  Promising great catastrophe on an unprecedented scale, yet producing hardly a whimper.  I would give a resounding ”no” to that because the two are simply not related.  But, before I blind the reader with my amazing theory I think I’ll deal with what is NOT going to happen in 2012.  THE WORLD IS NOT GOING TO END.  Right, we have sorted that so lets move on with my amazing theory.

I strongly believe that what is going to happen is actually happening now and has been for some time, and 21 December 2012 (which is the date I believe we are told that ”everything is going to kick off”) will simply be the date that everything reaches its climax.  We know that everything within this world of matter has its own frequency of vibration, which resonates in accordance with the purpose that it serves.  We also know that literally everything is in constant motion and that there must be a range of frequency, i.e. a high point and a low point, that determines the vibratory boundaries of this dimension.  Now, we also know that the consciousness of the human race is rapidly growing as more and more incarnate souls are waking up to their inner Christ consciousness; and because of this, more and more love is being expressed in the world and more and more positive thoughts and actions are being instigated.  In accordance with cause and effect this process will be instrumental in raising the rate of vibration within this realm of existence.  It stands to reason that this will cause a degree of disruption as the human race and our wonderful planet grow closer to source.

I firmly believe that these changes will come in the form of a wave; a wave of vibration.  I also believe that this wave will have a similar effect to a tidal wave, only a tidal wave in slow motion, and when the process reaches its climax the third dimension will have a newer and higher frequency range, in fact it may no longer exist; possibly having merged with the astral realms.  As I said, I feel that this process has been going on for some time now, and the significance of 21 December 2012 is that it is simply the date in accordance with God’s intricate and very precise Universal Laws that everything will come together and the process will be complete.

Of course, to say there will be some disruption is an understatement, and those who insist on remaining oblivious to the loving light that permeates throughout the whole of creation will find things extremely difficult indeed (that is also an understatement).  As I said at the beginning of this article I am really looking forward to the changes that are coming and I know there are many like me who feel the same.  I certainly don’t pretend to be some super-evolved being, but I know for certain that I am more evolved than the average man in the street; and it is for this reason that for many years I have felt like a fish out of water almost everywhere I’ve gone.  I am very uncomfortable within the density of this realm of matter and I know there are many on the planet who feel exactly the same way.  So it is for this reason that I really cannot wait for 2012 to be upon us.

No doubt there will be many pundits out there who will disagree with my amazing theory.  But it is ONLY a personal theory and I don’t make any claims that what I’ve written is set in stone, now if you’ll excuse me I’ve got to go and think up a title for my next article.