December Promotions Update

aw-final-holmes.jpgAs promised here is the latest news on my December promotions. The latest free eBook I want to offer you is Angelic Wisdom Trilogy from 6 to 10 December. Like Musings Of A Medium this is my old work and is not representative of who I am or how I write today. However, I keep this piece of work alive because I have had so much positive feedback about it over the years. It started life as three individual volumes, before the days of digital publishing, and was originally produced on a “when it’s gone it’s gone” basis. Angelic Wisdom Volume One was actually my first ever book; written in 2002 and published in 2003. Simply click on the relevant link below to get Angelic Wisdom Trilogy FREE.

Free To Download From 6 to 10 December Inclusive

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Check out the link below and view my book trailer video for my latest work Wisdom Bytes; it took me minutes to make.